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Councilman Victor Burnett pressed Chief Scott Corbo on the issue of why the officer was fired from Flower Mound.,His termination is not going to disqualify him from the job here,, Ferris Police Chief Scott Corbo said. ,I feel lucky to have him.He brings many assets to the police department and citizens of Ferris.,While none of the Ferris officers are certified as trainers, Corbo said, he had many officers qualified to train new hires. Ferris Police Chief Scott Corbo declined to give the officer,s name, until the employee could appeal his termination to the mayor and city council. An outside agen-cy, such as the Texas Rangers, would be responsible for conducting an external investigation, Corbo said.

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According to the council, the mayor overstepped his authority after Ferris Police Chief Scott Corbo filed a complaint with the mayor that his personal history records had been released illegally.Birdwell said Corbo also filled out a written complaint at city hall.Corbo said the employment application is open to the public, but, "They can't file an open record's request on my personal history statement unless I release it."This is an internal thing with the city.I made a complaint with the mayor.I'm just asking him to investigate," said Corbo.The mayor said he did not investigate because, "She's the keeper of the records … who else could have done it?"

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Ferris Police Chief Scott Corbo turned in his resignation Thursday, Feb. 3, effective on the day he dated it, Wednesday, Feb. 2.Corbo gave no official reason for quitting, but had previously said he received other offers.Two days before the chief resigned, a special meeting had been called to address a complaint Corbo submitted to the mayor stating his objection to his Personal History Statement having been released to the public.Mayor Jimmie Birdwell fired City Secretary Alice Holloway after Corbo said he observed his personal history in the position of Dallas activist Lee Alcorn, but the city attorney told the council the firing was illegal and he would investigate all those who had access to the records.At this week,s Monday, Feb. 7 meeting, the council voted to give Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Born the authority to appoint an interim chief to replace Corbo. Richard Benavides, the police department,s investigator, submitted his resignation one day after Corbo,s on Feb. 3, yet it was addressed to Corbo.Benavides stated it was an exceptional experience to work for Corbo but, ,Unfortunately, the city government has created an atmosphere which makes it impossible for me to perform my duties in an effective manner.,

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