Sarah Mehler

last updated 4/16/2018

Sarah Richardson Mehler

Founding Partner at Left Field Labs

1046 Princeton Drive Studio # 117, Venice, California, United States

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double PhD - Etch-A-Sketching and Tetris , 

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Sarah Mehler
Sarah is the founding partner at Left Field and draws on her design background to align creativity and innovation with the company's business goals. She holds a double PhD in Etch-A-Sketching and Tetris.

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ANDREA BROOK | International Performing Artist / Yoga Teacher

Sarah Mehler, CEO & Founder, Left Field Labs

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TLC | Sonic Butterfly

Sarah Mehler is the founder of Left Field Labs, a creative agency based on the understanding that technology is pushing humanity towards a new era of art, culture, and commerce. Their approach is not only to achieve a business goal, but also to bring technology more into harmony with the human experience. Their mission is to positively influence those who interact with the projects they design and build. Sarah Mehler lives in Topanga, CA.

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