Sarah Chatterjee

last updated 4/4/2018

Sarah Chatterjee

Supervisor, Demand Response Engineering and Operations at NV ENERGY, INC.

6226 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
HQ Phone:
(702) 402-5000

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DR Dialogue about DR Management Systems, Jan. 5, 2016 - Peak Load Management Alliance

with Diana Breziner, PECO; Sarah Chatterjee, NV Energy; and Brett Feldman, Navigant
Sarah Chatterjee Sarah Chatterjee Berkshire Hathaway, NV Energy Sarah is the Supervisor for engineering, operations, and back office systems in the Demand Side Management Department of NV Energy. She is responsible for the daily operations of the current Demand Response control systems, testing emerging technologies, and software evaluation, integration, and implementation. Sarah supports all DSM pilots and programs including residential air conditioning control, commercial air conditioning control, agricultural control, and battery energy storage. Sarah was recently elected to the Steering Committee of the Utility Load Management Exchange.

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The company has had more than 30,000 customers sign up for the program since its inception and is willing to install the system in just about anyone's home or small business, according to Sarah Chatterjee, load control engineer for NV Energy. 'It's a completely voluntary program, so anyone who wants to sign up we try to accommodate,' she said. With the onset of cooler, more livable weather conditions, many property managers, residents and business owners are going through the process of 'weatherizing' their air conditioning systems.Even if it doesn't save quite that much, the company won't have lost out since it's all paid for by NV Energy , the cost is not passed on to customers through fees or rate increases, Chatterjee said.

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Resource Directory - Peak Load Management Alliance

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Diana Breziner, PECO; Sarah Chatterjee, NV Energy; and Brett Feldman, Navigant

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