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After my Solicitor, Sandra Durrant, resigned Gordon Luckhurst put Tula Fitzpatrick in charge of my case with the sole aim of getting rid of me.
Sandra Durrant. I felt sorry for Sandra for after the previous three solicitors (Irene Long, Susan Grimsley and Margaret Dunton) had made such a mess of my litigation it was pushed on to her by Margaret Dunton. Sandra wrote in an ' Attendance Note' that she didn't think I had been treated properly by her predecessors and she ended up resigning.

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Thos Boyd Whyte

We received a reply from the Defendants solicitors and despite Sandra Durrant, the only Solicitor at Thos Boyd Whyte's worth an ounce of shit, writing in a letter that "it is better to deal with solicitors than the Defendants themselves" Thos Boyd Whyte lost contact with the defendants and their solicitors.
( 2 ) 7 Jan 1999- This Attendance Note written 5 years later by my solicitor, Sandra Durrant, shows I had wrote a letter of complaint which was read by Gordon Luckhurst who dicides to "take no action upon it", Sandra states "Mr Gray is not a happy man and requested a meeting with you" . The requesting of a meeting comes under "Solicitors Practice Rule 15" and an "undertaking" given to me by Gordon Luckhurst in the Client Care Agreement??? My Solicitor Sandra Durrant (highlighted yellow) believed I "had not been well served by her pre-decesors at TBW" and states I would have a right to compensation at the end of the day.

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Solicitors From Hell

This hand written 'Attendence Note' by my Solicitor, Sandra Durrant, clearly shows the Senior Partner (Gordon Luckhurst) is in violation of Solicitors Practice Rule 15.If you click Here you can see a second 'Attendence Note' written by Sandra Durrant that states she "thought he had not been served well by her pre-decessors at TBW".

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