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Head of Division  - Omniva Policy Systems Corp

Head of Web Services  - Eesti Post

E-Marketing  - Elion Enterprises Ltd

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Head of Information Logistics Area

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According to Sander Aasna, Head of Information Logistics Business of Omniva, all trends are showing how the value of automation in e-invoicing and financial processes is being increasingly realised.
"Last year, the proportion of e-invoices of all invoices grew only by 1% in a year. During the first quarter of 2017, however, there has already been a 10% increase," Aasna said. This year, the proportion of e-invoices of all invoices has grown considerably. "In the first quarter of 2017, Omniva processed 35% more invoices of companies and institutions than in the same period last year. In less than four months, we have gained more than 180 new clients," Aasna said. "We have seen a steady growth trend since December and today, e-invoices make up for 26% of all invoices in the B2B and B2G sector." According to Aasna, the growth trend of e-invoices is actually completely understandable. "It has been shown that switching to e-invoices saves the company an average of 30 minutes per invoice and therefore, switching to e-invoices is in fact a rational and well-thought-out move by the company," Aasna explained.

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Sander Aasna, head of Omniva's information business division, said, "Although e-receipt has yet to grow to its full potential, we are proud that the project is already recognized at this level.
The European Business Awards is widely known as the showcase for Europe's most dynamic companies."

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