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Piano Teacher - Rutgers University

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degreesColumbia University

degreesManhattan School of Music

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Suntree pianist Samuel Dilworth-Leslie began playing piano when he was 3 years old.Samuel Dilworth-Leslie's concert features compositions from Haydn to Chopin.After teaching piano for 29 years at Rutgers University, Samuel Dilworth-Leslie has turned his attention to his own playing.He wants to spend more time focusing on his art."I decided I was going to do myself a favor and not have any students," he said.He still tours.He has been performing concerts throughout Europe for 45 years and just returned from a tour of Spain.Recently, though, he has been spending his time rehearsing for a concert closer to home.He performs Saturday in the King Center's Studio Theatre.Explaining, Dilworth-Leslie said the term speaks to simplicity in presentation and compositions showing the range of the piano.That's an apt title.For Dilworth-Leslie, is, if nothing else, a courteous gentleman with a predilection for culture."Just think how it would be without the arts," he said, sitting in his modest Suntree home, surrounded by paintings of Europe and profile portraits of composers Gabriel Faure and Franz Liszt.On top of his grand piano sits a photograph signed to Dilworth-Leslie from his beloved piano teacher, Nadia Boulanger.Dilworth-Leslie began playing piano when he was 3 years old growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y.His mother would take him to cultural events, particularly the opera and concerts.She soon noticed her son had a talent for the piano.She arranged lessons for him and eventually got him into New York City's old High School of Music and Art."I was always at the piano," he said, breaking into a wide smile."Other kids were outside playing baseball."He studied with the famed piano teacher Boulanger for 16 years in Paris and at American Conservatory in Fontainebleau, France."She ripped me apart and put me back together," he said."She was almost like an aunt to me."Later, Dilworth-Leslie received degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and Columbia University.He has performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Carnegie Recital Hall and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, as well as centers in European capitals.After visiting a friend who lived in Melbourne, he moved to Brevard County in 1999."I like the area," he said.

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Maestro on the Move: Music in Cincinnati - Classical Music Journalism by Mary Ellyn Hutton (features_2004)

With the help of his piano teacher, Samuel Dilworth-Leslie, he organized a chamber orchestra, dubbed The Mozart Orchestra.

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