Sam Solomon

General Information


Posterous Inc

Adjunct Associate - Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Ltd

Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator - ECP Centre

The Reformed Evangelist

President - United States

Head of the Islamics Department - Elam Ministries


Islamic Affairs Advisor - Christian Concern

Islamic Affairs Advisor - Safe Haven.

Co-founder - CCFON

Recent News - BEYOND OPINION by Ravi Zacharias

The lineup of contributors are mostly gleaned from RZIM or Oxford University, and include Alister McGrath, a former atheist writing on atheism, and Sam Solomon, an adjunct associate for RZIM who offers a timely look at Islam and its relationship to Christianity.

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Sam Solomon
ECP Centre Sam Solomon Senior lecturer and research co-ordinator and adjunct associate at RZIM UK, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Sam Solomon is a senior lecturer and research co-ordinator, and is an adjunct associate at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). He is CEO of Faith For the Muslims, an almost a century old fellowship, and co-founder of the Christian Concern for our Nation, a leading British Christian organization, as well as co-founder of the Christian Law Centre. Sam is a formidable authority on Islamic issues and has special expertise in Shariah law. From a Middle Eastern background, Solomon lectures extensively and teaches post graduate courses for nationals from Muslim Countries and missionaries working in the Muslim world. As a human right activist, he is much in demand and has represented persecuted Christians in a number of countries. Solomon has been called to brief US Congressmen, European Parliamentarians at Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as the British Parliament, at Westminster in London

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Doctor's Review | Travel News

There's no guarantee they'll bring home the Stanley Cup this season, but 2009 will still belong to the ... The world's best wines come to Moncton by SAM SOLOMON It's not exactly Tuscany or Provence or the Napa Valley, but Moncton's annual World Wine and Food Expo ... Fuel surcharges ignite airline competition by SAM SOLOMON by SAM SOLOMON In a year when feminists' hopes for a female US president were met with the conservative, anti-choice, vice-presidential ... by SAM SOLOMON

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