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BA  - Economics and Business Management , 

MBA  - International Marketing , 

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Sahar Sami
Sahar Dance Co. Glitter Dance Co. Sahar is Instructor, Choreographer, Performer, and Director of The Academy of Egyptian Dance, the largest school in Southern California dedicated strictly to Egyptian dance. Her annual dance productions seek educate the public about Egyptian history and Egyptian Dance, while providing a professional setting for students to present what they learn in class to the community. Her shows incorporate video-based education supplemented with dance interpretation and story-telling where performers enact key historical moments. Sahar is Artistic Director of the award-winning troupe, the Sahar Dance Company. She also directs her student troupe the Glitter Dance Company. The San Diego Union-Tribune quotes that Sahar Sami and her dance company "Evoke a Cairo Cabaret" and has written that they draw the biggest crowds. Sahar and her troupes participate in the largest international dance productions in California including Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival, December Nights and Celebrate Dance Festival which draws more than 25,000 people each year. Early in her career, Sahar was principal dancer for the Ahmed Hussian Troupe and Sayed Reda's Troupe in NYC. As a child, Sahar also studied Jazz and Modern Dance and is an expert in a multitude of Latin Dances. Sahar's interpretation of Egyptian rhythms has touched dignitaries, royalty, Hollywood stars and other sophisticated audiences around the globe. Sahar has appeared in numerous television shows and was the headline dancer in some of the most prestigious nightclubs in the world including the famous Nile Night Club, Club Cleopatra and The Ibis in New York City and Alandalus, Al Amir, Byblos and Al Ahram in California. In 1990 Sahar was flown to Cairo to perform at the wedding of a famous Egyptian athlete. During this trip, she was hired instantly to perform at Salt & Pepper and Le Meridien in Cairo but her commitments in the US did not allow her to commit to long contracts. For the same reason, Sahar turned down numerous long term contract offers to perform in Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai and Cairo dedicating herself instead to perform in the US where she needed to be to attend college. Sahar created and formalized her signature Sahar Egyptian Dance Technique and teaches it to students, professional dancers and to those seeking a fun way to exercise in San Diego and the rest of the globe. Sahar holds an MBA in International Marketing and a BA in Economics and Business Management.

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Sahar Sami
Sahar Dance Co. Glitter Dance Co. "Sahar Sami and The Glitter Dance Company evoke a Cairo cabaret"--The San Diego Union-Tribune "dance companies that usually draw the biggest crowds - the belly dancers (like Sahar Sami and the Glitter Dance Company)" --The San Diego Union-Tribune Video montage of Sahar Sami's background

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Sahar Sami
Sahar Dance Co. Glitter Dance Co.

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