Sabrina Brimhall

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Prep Chef  - Barona Creek Golf Club

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Prep Chef  - 

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San Diegans Ink: Sabrina Brimhall, 22, a prep chef at Barona, is getting a taste of life in "Hell's Kitchen.

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Sabrina Brimhall - Hell's Kitchen Season 8 -
Sabrina Brimhall - craziest female chef this season. I've only watched the first episode, but I can already see how crazier this season is, especially because of the chefs competing this time. Take for instance Sabrina. She's a li'l slow, and I don't understand why she chose to wear high heels on the first day when it's already expected they'll be cooking their signature dishes.

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Sabrina Brimhall, 22, a prep chef in El Cajon, Calif.
Sabrina--someone slap the woman...please.

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