Ryan Elliott

Ryan Elliott

Chief Inspirational Adviser at Lightheart Center

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165 S. Church Street, Winfield, Illinois, United States
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(630) 260-1084

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Medical Hypnoanalyst and Owner  - Lightheart Center


MSW  - 


D Founder  - Educational Resource Center

Member  - International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

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Ryan Elliott, MSW
Ryan Elliott MSW: Co-Director and Founder of the Lightheart Center. Ryan has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and made many other radio and TV appearances for his expertise in hypnotherapy. He is a Board Certified Medical Hypnoanalyst, a long-time member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Ryan specializes in healing people by redirecting their subconscious minds towards greater Prosperity, Performance, and Success by changing consciousness from victim to victorious. By removing negative suggestions interfering with one's life that manifest in anxiety, depression, phobias, low self-esteem, fear, behavioral problems, spiritual ennui, and addictions through three modalities, Ryan employs Hypnoanalysis, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Neurofeedback. Ryan is an avid golfer and has worked with numerous players to improve their games. He also serves as Marketing Consultant, Carpenter, and Chief Inspirational Adviser of the center and is the author of The Secrets from Your Subconscious Mind, which can be purchased from Amazon.com.

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Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott Ryan Elliott, who holds a master's degree in social work, is a hypnoanalyst and the author of the book The Secrets of Your Subconscious Mind. To work with clients, he uses a more advanced form of therapeutic hypnosis, known as hypnoanalysis. In his book, Elliott explains: "Hypnoanalysis, the wedding of the concepts of hypnosis and analysis, has proven to be an effective instrument for helping people move through those blockages when their problems are too difficult to resolve alone, with self-hypnosis, or in talk therapy." Elliott further clarifies: "The hypnoanalytic process, though, is more than just hypnosis. It combines hypnosis with the analysis of the subconscious. Hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious; analysis opens understanding to the cause of the problem; and patient and therapist together open up options toward solutions and pull out the negative suggestions from their subconscious minds, nullifying the negative suggestion and guiding reeducation and rehabilitation through positive suggestions. Also, hypnoanalysis is frequently a quick process, according to Elliott. "Smoking cessation generally takes about six sessions over a month's time. Problems such as phobias and depression may take 12 to 20 sessions to resolve. The most intricate of problems can usually be treated in 30 sessions or fewer with medical hypnosis," says Elliott. "Hypnoanalysis is particularly helpful in achieving permanent positive results for problems such as low self-esteem, depression, guilt, anxieties and phobias. There is no more effective forum in our culture to affect such transformational change than intensive hypnotherapy," advises Elliott. Ryan Elliott, MSW, is a board-certified medical hypnotherapist and co-director and founder of the Lightheart Center, in Winfield.

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by Ryan Elliott, MSW

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