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Russell C. LambertChaplain or Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor

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Today, Pastor Russell begins Part I on this subject.
The series will be titled Pastor Russell presents here the Biblical basis of why this is so. He calls his message Pastor Lambert begins a new series on this subject today titling this message in two parts Pastor Lambert elaborates on this today Pastor Lambert continues today with Part 3 of Who You Are In Christ! Greetings by Pastor Russell Lambert Pastor Lambert today continues with Part 2 of Pastor Lambert begins a new series today with the message he calls Pastor Russell elaborates on this topic in today's message which he called Pastor Russell addresses this today, but also focuses on the greatest sacrifice of all made by Jesus, and subsequently by "soldiers of the Cross". His message is called Pastor Russell expounds on this principle in his message today he calls After "understanding" church order, Pastor Lambert continues this series of messages explaining Pastor Russell will do a series the month of March on this subject Pastor Russell challenges us to think about the attention we pay to various kinds of this world's insurances as compared to God's Plans. (Due to a technical problem when recording, it's set up here in 3 parts --- A, B & C.) He calls this message Today, we are delighted at Yachats Baptist Church to welcome our new senior pastor, Russell Lambert, and his wife Bonnie. We look forward to his input and influence into our church and our individual lives. His first message centers on the mental conflict of whether we seek to have God bless our own will and desires, or whether we seek to learn what God's will is for our lives. Pastor Russell calls this message a

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Pastor Russell C. Lambert
700 West Front Street Merrill, Oregon 97633 541-798-5122

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