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Rose Heights Church of God

Senior Pastor - New Life Worship Center

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Rudy Bond New Life Worship Center
18535 Highway 69 South, Tyler, TX, US, 75703 Rudy Bond New Life Worship Center

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Reverend Rudy Bond, Senior Pastor, New Life COG, Tyler, TX

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What will our legacy be?

His name is Rudy Bond and he pastors New Life Worship Center.
Donna contacted Pastor Bond through Facebook and told him who she was and then shared with him the story her mother had told. Donna and I happened to be in his area so we met with Pastor Bond for lunch and learned that he truly was one of the little boys Donna's mom would take to church some 60 years ago. And to add to the intriguing story, we learned that Donna's parents later pastored Pastor Bond's future mother and father-in-law! Rudy Bond Senior Pastor Rudy Bond New Life Worship Center Pastor Bond would go on to meet with us on several occasions after that and a friendship was forged. He then related to us that he would love to share this amazing story with his church and honor Donna's parents for being his very first pastors and getting him started on the road into ministry. The scramble for old photographs was on as Pastor Bond, his staff, Donna and her brothers and sister worked diligently to compile a montage of the Gammels and their ministry during Pastor Bond's childhood. All their efforts culminated into a beautiful tribute that Sunday morning as Pastor Bond shared with his church of hundreds and to the world via live stream that he was "that little Bond boy" who the Gammels had sown their life into when he was a young, impressionable child. His powerful message that morning was entitled "The Power of Influence," a sermon about sowing into destiny. Today his ministry touches tens of thousands of lives. There were 9 of us of the Gammel family who were in attendance at the service. Pastor Bond did an amazing job of honoring Donna's parents and the entire Gammel family. Their legacy lives on through Pastor Bond, their family and an untold number of others.

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