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Rowland S. Miller

Professor of Psychology at Sam Houston State University

1402 19th St, Huntsville, Texas, United States
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"Blushing is quite unique," says Rowland Miller, PhD, a psychology professor at Sam Houston State University who specializes in social emotions.
When humans are faced with certain threats, the fight-or-flight response kicks in, and blood is diverted away from the skin, to the muscles. The opposite occurs when we blush-the blood flow increases to the skin via the veins of the upper neck, chest, and face. So why does your autonomic nervous system want to throw you under the bus? Well, it may actually be trying to help you. "Blushing serves a useful function," says Miller. "It's an authentic, non-verbal apology for misbehavior. "You can't blush on command, so if you do [blush], you're perceived to be truly remorseful," says Miller. "You can't be embarrassed about something if you don't care [about it]." Okay, you might ask, then why do I blush when I give a speech in public? One theory: Back in grade school, being singled out for good or bad behavior usually resulted in some kind of consequence, either from your peers or your teachers, says Dr. Miller. And those memories (do we ever get over 5th grade, really?) might be enough to trigger a blush as an adult, he explains. Even though research shows that people think others look down on them for blushing, the exact opposite is true, says Miller.

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Rowland S. Miller
Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX 77341-2447

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