Rosanna Tovi

last updated 12/28/2017

Rosanna Tovi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at World Ice Events LLC

45 Rockefeller Plaza 630 5Th Avenue Suite 2000, New York City, New York, United States
HQ Phone:
(516) 518-1055

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Coach Rosanna Tovi - The Eastern Championships

Student - The Lake Placid Olympic Center


Founder - Rosie Wear

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About - World Ice Events

Rosanna Tovi - Director
World Ice Events founder Rosanna (Rosie) Tovi is a former competitive and professional figure skater who represented her country as a member of The U.S.A International Figure Skating Team and World Professional Team. Following her professional touring career Ms. Tovi went on to coach and choreograph national, world and olympic skaters. With a lifetime of experience in ice skating Ms. Tovi founded World Ice Events, she is currently the managing member. Rosanna is widely recognized for creating beautiful, high-impact and unique ice skating events. She has built a dynamic portfolio through her ice skating projects for a distinct group of sports, entertainment, corporate and individual clients. In addition Ms. Tovi has created ice skating projects for The Nashville Predators, The NY Rangers, The NY Knicks, Kleenex and The Learning Channel. Ms. Tovi is a U.S. figure skating national, international and double gold medalist. She has been inducted into the Skating Club of Lake Placid, Olympic Center Hall of Fame, The Professional Skaters Association Honor Roll of Coaches, and certified through U.S. Figure Skating and The Professional Skaters Association.

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Rosie Wear - Skating Jewelry

"Figure skaters Daniel Eaton and Alexis Conside study pairs skating under the expert guidance of coach Andrei Bannikov a former Russian skating star with his partner Rosanna Tovi."
It's creator, Rosanna Tovi is an International Figure Skating Champion. Rosanna and Andrei go through change of edge pulls, steps, crossovers, Mohawks, 3 turns, jumps and spins. Rosanna also offers coaching tips as each move is executed so that you grasp the entire technique. The music is so upbeat and the graphics really creative. Truly excellent, Rosanna and Andrei are quite believable and encourage the viewer that they too can do these skating moves. Sara Jo Damron-Brown with coach Rosanna Tovi at The Eastern Championships after a Gold medal winning performance. Rosanna Tovi with student Aivory Ann Gaw ISI World Champion at The Lake Placid Olympic Center

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Rosie Wear - Skating Jewelry

Rosanna Tovi started Rosie Wear with the idea to make skating clothing more fashionable and to get away from the cliche seventies dress styles.
Rosie’s theme driven ideas intertwine an edgy concept with choreography and costuming into a story on the ice and have drawn attention for their innovative nature as featured in NYC The Village Voice “Tovi brings skating as art”.

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