Ronald Seitz

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Ronald Robert Seitz

Chief of the Sheriffs Office Search and Rescue Unit at Alameda County , Inc

1225 Fallon St., Oakland, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(510) 267-8800

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Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Specialist - Alameda County Public Health Department

Ground SAR Committee Chair and MLPI Program Manager - National Association for Search and Rescue

President - Procomm Marketing Inc.

President - California Rescue Dog Association


electronics , Bay Valley Technical School


Member - CARDA

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Ron Seitz - SAREX 2011 at Hume Lake

Ron Seitz
posted Aug 1, 2011 2:02 PM by Ken Buscho  [ updated Aug 5, 2011 11:33 PM ] Ron Seitz is a Life Member of NASAR and has been involved in Search and Rescue for 35 years. He is currently the Chief of the Alameda County Sheriffs Office Search and Rescue unit and has held that position for the past 13 years. Additionally, he has been President of CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association) one of the largest Canine Search and Rescue organizations in the United States. He is a NASAR SAR-TECH II Lead Evaluator, Managing the Lost Person Incident Instructor and currently the Ground SAR committee Chair and MLPI Program Manager for NASAR. He holds a POST Instructor Certificate and is an Instructor for the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). Ron has been involved as a responder and search manager throughout his SAR career. He has held several different positions within the Alameda County unit as well as being a Mission Ready Trailing Dog Handler with CARDA and Alameda County SAR. He has responded to hundreds of emergency incidents in the San Francisco Bay Area and northern California including the Loma Preita Earthquake, Oakland Hills Fire Storm, and several high profile missing person cases in the San Francisco / Bay Area. He has taught a variety of SAR and search management classes both regionally and at several NASAR conferences and California State SAREX’s. He has also served on several committees to develop Search and Rescue Guidelines for the State of California.

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6.October 20- Robert Seitz - (Member of CARDA California Rescue Dog Association, Chief Of Search Rescue Unit with Alameda County Sheriff Office) testimony by Ron Seitz, an Alameda County Sheriff,s Department volunteer, contradicted the results of a handler who worked her dog in the area a short time later.Seitz and Anderson used different articles to prime their dogs.Anderson used Laci Peterson,s sunglasses and their case, while Seitz used a slipper.Trailing dogs, including his own, "are accurate probably 70 to 80 percent of the time," Seitz said.Geragos asked Seitz."I asked (authorities at the marina) that question and was not given an answer," Seitz replied.

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Dog Trailing

As for Trimble's alert at the Berkeley Marina, Ronald Seitz, another dog handler, had his trailing dog at the Marina at the same time, and his dog did not alert.
In addition, Ronald Seitz, another dog who also brought a trailing dog to the Marina on December 28, testified as a witness for the Defendant at the trial. Ronald Seitz, Dog Handler Boyer asked Ron Seitz and his dog to search the entrance to the Berkeley Marina. Boyer said that Seitz reported to CARDA not to him, and if the Modesto PD wanted a report from CARDA, they would have to request it from CARDA. Ronald Seitz, Dog Handler [Testified October 20] Seitz, a member of CARDA and Chief of the Alameda County Search and Rescue Team, was called by CARDA to participate in the searches using dogs at the Berkeley Marina on December 28. His dog TJ, like Anderson's Trimble, is a trailing dog. Given the choice of the sunglasses case and the pink slipper to use as the scent article, he chose the slipper. He said glass cases tend to be handled more by other family members, whereas slippers are not. He worked his dog in the area above the launch ramp for about 1-1.5 minutes, and the dog did not pick up a scent. The discussion about scent theory and different dog's abilities sometimes was quite convoluted, discussing possibilities of cross-contamination and ability to do a vehicle trail. Seitz said even the best dogs have only about an 80% accuracy and readily admitted that either his or Anderson's dog, which did alert on one of the launch ramps, could have been right. The MPD detectives never requested a report from Seitz which would have been the procedure. The information in the officer's report from Dec 28 was hidden. During the trial after Jensen interviewed Seitz the officer's report was discovered. But there was no report from Seitz because one was never requested. Christopher Boyer-Pre Trial P. HARRIS: And did he ask you to, did you ask him to write a report on this? Mr. Seitz is actually on mutual aid to me, so I have no control over him other than to direct him where to search and that. His reporting structure goes through the state. It doesn't go through me. So he has his own reporting structure and his own procedures to provide those reports. SEITZ: Yes, I was. SEITZ: Yes, I did. SEITZ: There was a question with regards to the scent article that I used. It was back from 2002. And in trying to recall, with items of both articles, and I had recalled during the debriefing that a Modesto officer had interviewed me, and I provided a narrative report, to which I recalled that he did write down the scent article that I used. SEITZ: Yes. SEITZ: I talked to, that would have been in March when I talked to Carl, yes. SEITZ: I have been a mission ready dog handler since 2001. Began training a dog in 1999. SEITZ: I responded as CARDA as a mutual aid request for Berkeley Marina to the assist the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office. SEITZ: I met with, there was a briefing in the morning with the other two dog handlers that were present there for the water searching, which I was there with. SEITZ: There were some. SEITZ: I put my dog in. My wife was out on the other boat as a dog canine handler, and I waited for her to arrive back to base after they finished their boat searching.

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