Roderick Halbert

last updated 12/22/2017

Roderick J. Halbert

Executive Vice President at Partners Pharmacy

50 Lawrence Road, Springfield, New Jersey, United States
HQ Phone:
(908) 931-9111

General Information


Manager - Managed Care

Partners Pharmacy - Health Executive - RedCoat Publishing LLC

Adjunct Professor - Ernest Mario College of Pharmacy at Rutgers University

Chief Executive Officer -ChemRX NJ - Chem Rx Corp




master's degree - business administration , Fairleigh Dickinson University


Owner and Managing Member - ReUnion Rx LLC

Member - Long Term Care Pharmacy Association

Commitee Member - American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

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Partners Pharmacy - New Jersey - Corporate Management

Roderick J. Halbert, R.Ph, CCP, MBA
Executive Vice President, Customer Relations and Business Development Rod currently serves as EVP of Customer Relations and Business Development and is responsible for customer relationship management and developing new offerings for existing and future clients of Partners Pharmacy, Choice Pharmacy and Partners IV. Rod is a registered pharmacist, certified consultant pharmacist, and holds a masters degree in business administration. He has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, in long-term care, in-patient hospital, and retail operations. Additionally, Rod is as an adjunct professor at the Ernest Mario College of Pharmacy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

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Nursing homes, said Roderick Halbert, aren't what they used to be.They used to be pretty static places-quiet, predictable environments where elderly and ill people would go to spend their last days.Folks moved in during normal business hours, and discharges were rare. Roderick HalbertPartners Pharmacy - Health Executive - RedCoat PublishingNot anymore.Today's nursing homes are dynamic care facilities where guests might stay for a few weeks or months as they recuperate or rehabilitate, or they might stay much longer.Admissions occur at all hours as patients are transported from hospitals or other healthcare facilities. That means vendors such as pharmacies must be on-call at all hours too.Halbert, an advocate for not trying to fit the new nursing home model into the old pharmacy model, realizes the industry is changing.As COO of Cranford, NJ-based Partners Pharmacy, he insists on keeping up with these changes and encourages his staff to anticipate what those changes may be. Halbert said Partners' clients are often required to admit patients at 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., or later.In the past, the last delivery from Partners would go out the door at 7:00, so changes have obviously been necessary. Halbert's strategy is to give his staff the freedom they need to experiment as they face increased challenges from Medicaid changes, advancing IT, and the healthcare crunch. "I'm not a micro-manager.Among the company's greatest challenges are policy changes brought on by Medicare Part D. "The logistics are impractical for the nursing home resident," Halbert explained.This program, designed to subsidize prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries, has complicated the reimbursement process for nursing homes. Halbert pointed out that before Part D, the prescription drug reimbursement formula was the same for the majority of nursing home residents in any given state, and it was a fairly simple process to determine whether or not a medication was covered.Today, with more than 25 plans, each with different criteria dictating how a medication is approved, reimbursement has become a labor-intensive process. "Long-term care patients are among the frailest and are almost always dependent on medication," said Halbert."This makes them vulnerable to the limitations set forth by Medicare Part D, which dictates limited hours of operation for authorizations and overrides, sometimes resulting in medication not being available." Partners Pharmacy created a Medicare Task Force program consisting of 13 professionals working to solve the problems created by Medicare Part D. "We are on all the coalitions involved in Medicare Part D reform, as well as the state Medicaid program," said Halbert."We are proactively involved in addressing this challenge, which has no direct solution." Part of the solution lies in technology.When physicians can enter a prescription order for a patient into their PDA and get an immediate response as to whether that medication will be covered, they can adapt to better serve their patients, said Halbert. Electronic medical records will also help improve overall patient care through more consistency and better safety oversight."We receive a paper chart from the hospital, but do we really know the last time a patient got a dose of their pain meds?With EMR, we will be able to close some of the gap and have a better continuum of care," Halbert said. To facilitate the transition to electronic records, Partners has adopted Health Level 7 (HL7) standards for electronic interchange of clinical, financial, and administrative information among healthcare oriented computer systems."We are actively looking at several different systems, some standalone and some much more integrated," Halbert said. Partners assigns an account manager to each facility that comes on board to act as a technical liaison.The representatives visit regularly (every day at first) and return phone calls within two hours of receiving them. "In nursing homes, next to payroll, pharmacy is probably the largest cost for them," Halbert said."It's a big part of who they are and what they do."When things do not go smoothly, Partners is committed to resolving the problem quickly.It's an approach that Halbert believes will serve Partners' clients as they face healthcare's increasing challenges and serve his company as it expands into new markets. "We're progressive, we're growing, we're looking at technology, and we're looking at reimbursement.We are synonymous with pharmacy in New Jersey," said Halbert.

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Welcome to Partners Pharmacy

Rod Halbert, Executive Vice President, Support ServicesA certified consultant pharmacist with an MBA, Rod has more than 13 years of experience including managing a corporate retail operation, serving as Director of Pharmacy for an acute care facility and as manager of Managed Care for a national long-term care pharmacy provider.As director of Partners' managed care and PPS programs, Rod is responsible for coordinating physician-focused formulary development and clinical management programs, promoting clinical expertise and cost effectiveness in the facilities serviced by Partners.Rod also oversees the activities of the Purchasing Department and directs all marketing efforts for Partners.

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