Robert MacIntyre

Robert MacIntyre

Education Consultant at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers , Inc.

7757 Suite 200 New Horizons South, Miami, Florida, United States
HQ Phone:
(305) 265-7576

General Information


Strategic Account Manager - 5Point Enterprises

Strategic Account Manager -

Usaf - Goodfellow AFB


President of Gamers United Club - Brookhaven College

Recent News  

Nintendo switches platforms, gaming style | The Brookhaven Courier

"It looks like a cross bridge between the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii," Bobby MacIntyre, president of Brookhaven College's Gamers United Club, said.
MacIntyre said the 3DS sales will probably fall if the Switch is successful.

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Gamers United plays through day-long charity drive | The Brookhaven Courier

Bobby MacIntyre, club president, said guests usually try to stay through the night.
MacIntyre said last semester a former student was so dedicated to making it through the night, he started talking to himself and hallucinating. He was then encouraged to go to sleep by club members. "Some people are not as fortunate as others," MacIntyre said.

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