Richard Shimmel

Richard A. Shimmel

Executive Director and Attorney at Ventura County Deputy Sheriff's Association

P.O. Box 6920, Ventura, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(805) 477-4000

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Rick Shimmel
Executive Director

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Richard A. Shimmel
Executive Director Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs Association

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For most of us, if we can learn to keep our focus on how we'd like things to be and keep working toward that end, no matter the obstacles, I think we'll find more success and satisfaction in what we do," said Rick Shimmel, Executive Director of the Ventura County Deputy Sheriff's Association.
Running for Sheriff was admittedly one of the most challenging periods of Dean's life. When faced with the decision to run for Sheriff or retire, he chose to run. Hewas motivated by his love for the county and his commitment to public service. He takes a personal interest in how people are doing and is always amongthe first to show up and offer support," added Shimmel. The Sheriff is always looking for ways to grow and to be better, and he places a strong emphasis on life experiences. He is a realist, and people genuinely appreciate that," said Shimmel.

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