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last updated 5/10/2018

Rick Fiarchuk

Director|Directeur at Agriculture

1341 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Director|Directeur - Canadas Agri-Food

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Senior policy advisor Bradley Shaw of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs speaks at the farmers meeting in Cobden. Listening are Donna Campbell, secretary of the local chapter of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and Rick Fiarchuk of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Listening are Donna Campbell, secretary of the local chapter of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and Rick Fiarchuk of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Presenters senior policy advisor Bradley Shaw of OMAFRA and Rick Fiarchuk of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) reviewed what AgriRecovery is, and what it may be able to do for farmers. Shaw and Fiarchuk spoke about AgriRecovery's objectives. Fiarchuk, who directs the AAFC's disaster assessment and analysis division, stressed that AgriRecovery is not intended to offset income loss, but to help complement existing assistance programs and help farmers recover. Fiarchuk is also among the officials conducting the AgriRecovery assessment (whose target is to complete the assessment within 45 business days before making recommendations). This means the assessment might be completed by the end of September. "We don't do this in our ivory towers," said Fiarchuk at one point, but he was later told the assessment needs to be done by talking to more farmers one-on-one to understand the extent of the drought-caused damage.

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Farmers heard from four speakers, among them parliamentary secretary of agriculture Pierre Lemieux, Rick Fiarchuk of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and executive director of strategy policy John Fox.
There have been a number of disasters in the country, both weather- and disease-related, Fiarchuk said. It works on an Olympic margin system, Fiarchuk said. AgriRecovery is not as program, but a disaster relief framework that provides a rapid response for producers affected by events such as droughts, flooding, hailstorms, ice storms, or wildfires, Fiarchuk said. The province may request an AgriRecovery assessment, which is done together with the federal government. Also, Ontario's Risk Management Program insures farmers against losses in income, and is available for the cattle, grains and oilseeds, hog, sheep and veal sectors. "AgriRecovery is not about income replacement," Fiarchuk stressed. He said it is about bringing hay and feed in from elsewhere, "what the producers in that area need, what level of drought is it, how crops are, work with the province to see what the needs are." A number of people provided me with written lists of commendations they had prepared ahead of time, with respect to recommendations on growing forward 2, the risk management group of programs that Mr. Fiarchuk was speaking about.

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