Richard W. Robbins

Technical Assistant To the President at TWA

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President  - Trans World Airlines , Inc.

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Robbins as active head of the organization.
Robbins retained "president" title temporarily. Traveling with Frye was the (then) president of TWA, Richard W. Robbins, Assistant to Richard W. Robbins. by a Technical Committee with members being Frye, Robbins, Lindbergh, and Tomlinson. technical assistant to the TWA president Richard W. Robbins, who incidentally, was a business

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Kohler Aviation had been used by former TWA President Richard Robbins as a test case.
Robbins, who was forced out of TWA for his involvement in the Spoils Conference of 1930, convinced Kohler they would benefit from his involvement. Robbins was named Vice-President of Kohler Aviation. It was then that the carrier's application for their own contract was denied by the Post Office. Robbins then resigned from Kohler.

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Within a week, two Douglas engineers were in TWA's New York office with plans laid out before Frye and TWA's president, Richard Robbins.

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