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Last Updated 1/27/2011

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Task Force Commander  - state attorney general's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

Task-Force Commander  - state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement

Task Force Commander  - Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement

Commander  - San Mateo Narcotics Task Force

Special Agent  - 

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"It gets worse every year," said Richard Camps, task force commander for the state attorney general's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.

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cannabisnews.com: Dark Green

"The same people who have been bringing you cocaine, meth and heroin are now bringing you marijuana," says Rich Camps, a task-force commander for the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.However, Camps believes law enforcement's efforts to shut down methamphetamine labs in California by restricting the sale of the chemicals needed to make the drug have left a criminal "workforce" without work.Growing weed has filled the void, he says."There's big money to be made in marijuana, and that's why they're figuring it out," he says.The infiltration of Mexican pot growers into California rural lands has ushered in an era of low-intensity warfare between the growers and law enforcement.Camps, the task force commander with the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, said he later learned the suspect was part of the Michoacan-based drug-trafficking organization.The man's family never claimed his body.Legalize It?

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Money is power," said Rich Camps, a commander of the San Mateo Narcotics Task Force.
It's also because the meth production has been pushed to Mexico," said Camps. The law that limits the sale of precursor materials has also led to an increase in "smurfing. This is the process by which drug organizations hire individuals to buy legal amounts of precursor materials from pharmacies, allowing the organizations to continue to produce the drug in mass quantities. "Every time we zig, they zag," said Camps.

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