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last updated 4/3/2018

Rich Cohen

Co-Founder at EMPOWERgmat

380 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, California, United States

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EMPOWERgmat's Rich Cohen discusses the academic and professional impact of a 700+ score.

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Rich and Max will walk you through GMAT concepts covering the Quant section (Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency) and Verbal Section (Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Corrections), while featuring advanced tactics, short-cuts and insider tips that will help you to ace the questions that matter and avoid the ones that don't.
EMPOWERgmat Course Resources EMPOWERgmat Co-Founder Rich Cohen describes the GMAT Course and its cutting-edge benefits. EMPOWERgmat Co-Founder Rich Cohen discusses the impact of a 700+ GMAT score, an elite MBA, and why EMPOWERgmat's course is exploding in ... GMAT Problem Solving Rate Training Question Rich combines the EMPOWERgmat tactic TEST THE ANSWERS with the distance formula and some basic math to crush a quirky rate question.

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As such, Rich and Max present the course in a way that capitalizes off of that.
Although there is no substitute for knowing the GMAT's curriculum, which Rich and Max cover in its entirety, the GMAT's underlying theory is relatively rudimentary, and so tactics and strategy reign supreme. Rich's strategy game is insane. He will tell you which questions to dump, which questions don't count, and which questions your absolutely must get right. He will teach you how to guess properly, how to manage your time, and even how to get over a 700 while only focusing on 75% of the questions you see on test day. In the actual test, I was still very nervous and not sure whether I learned enough to get my target score but in some situations, I heard Rich or Max speaking in my head and reminding me about all the approaches and tactics I learned during their lessons. The other amazing thing, was that when I sat down to do a module, for example, 'Algebra', it wasn't at all overwhelming; the module was broken up into clear classes, where Rich would take you quickly through the concepts and then work with you through lots of example questions. Same with Max on the Verbal side. I was very weak in Quant when I started, and the answer explanations in the OG would often just leave me confused and frustrated, but Rich's explanations are so simple and clear. He also has a positive yet pragmatic attitude, which I really enjoyed. Therefore, I wrote a post in a forum and received an answer by Rich Cohen. Rich told me exactly what my issue was without even telling me about EMPOWERgmat. Nevertheless, for my second prep time I started informing myself about GMAT courses and chose EMPOWERgmat because of the positive feedback by people who took the test a second and third time. I soon realized that Rich Cohen is the founder of EMPOWERgmat and started asking him further questions via e-mail. Rich replied always in about 1-3 hours. Amazing to have the GMAT assassin himself answering your questions within hours. Rich is very direct and tells you if you are doing totally wrong. He is really pushing you to stand up and do what it needs to become a GMAT assassin.

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