Ricardo Bermudez

Ricardo Bermudez

Director at CEFAA

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Ph.D - meteorology , 

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Giant UFO confirmed by Chile Government | Out There with Ted

Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.), announced that his agency has concluded that the image is genuine after it was examined by optic experts in Chile and the United States, who both reached the same conclusion- that the photo is not a hoax, the light on the object matches the surrounding clouds, and that the object is emitting its own light, with a series of visible portholes.
Bermudez, who was a jet fighter pilot for the Chilean Air Force, said that on average, 3% of witness reports they receive remain unexplained, including this sighting, which they have nicknamed "The Clam" for its shape. CEFAA Director General Ricardo Bermudez.

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Chile Military Releases Unclassified UFO Video of Nov. 11, 2014 - Earthfiles

Ricardo Bermúdez, Director, CEFAA,
Committee for the Study of Aerial Phenomena, Santiago de Chile

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General Ricardo Bermudez S.
Mr. Bermudez, Director of CEFAA

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