Raymond Cvetovich

Raymond Cvetovich

Process Chemisty Expert Witness at Patent Disputes

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Dr. Raymond Cvetovich is owner of RJC Process Chemistry Consulting, LLC.
He offers expertise in API process chemistry development and technical transfers, specializing at the juncture of small pharmaceutical companies, CMOs, and CROs all while understanding the importance of timing, resources, priorities, and costs. Background & Experience Thorough understanding of the chemistry of reactions, in combination with skill and experience and open-minded collaboration, leads to timely problem solving and problem avoidance in scale-up, pilot plant and factory settings. Dr. Cvetovich has demonstrated these skills on such commercialized projects as Primaxin, Invanz, Emend, Emamectin Benzoate, and Eprinomectin, as well as multiple technical transfers to internal pilot plant and factory services and external CMO partners. In addition, Dr. Cvetovich has directed research at external off-shore CRO labs. Dr. Cvetovich rose to a scientific director level position at Merck & Co. and was a project scientific leader in the department of Process Research. n this position, he led groups of chemists (BS, MS, Ph) in bringing innovation, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving to bear on over 25 projects. These projects covered the range of complex syntheses, API crystal form selection, scale-up from lab to factory and other program challenges to both small molecules and siRNA at all stages of API development. In addition to small molecule syntheses, Dr. Cvetovich was the scientific lead in the technology transfer of siRNA oligonucleotide automated synthesis upon Merck's acquisition of SIRNA Therapeutics in late 2006. Publication & Patents Dr. Cvetovich has authored 33 publications and received 20 patents covering a broad range of topics, including synthesis, method development, kinetics, mechanism, crystallization, isolation, purification, dynamic resolutions, chiral catalytic reactions, enzyme resolutions, reductions, and coupling reactions. A complete list is available on the publications tab. Awards Dr. Cvetovich received the inaugural presentation of the Edward J. J. Grabowski Award for Excellence in Process Research in recognition for a career of scientific excellence, major program accomplishment, exceptional leadership, and a commitment to teamwork. Allied Experience Among his responsibilities and accomplishments Dr. Cvetovich led the development of core competencies for employee development within Process Research, led the safety review of all processes scheduled for the 100 L scale-up lab, reviewed the synthesis development of all projects as part of the scientific advisory committee, and coordinated the development of in-house training courses, including such topics as polymorphism, green chemistry, API release, resolutions, and chemical engineering for chemists. Expert Witness Experience Dr. Cvetovich has experience as a Process Chemisty Expert Witness for Patent Disputes

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Raymond Cvetovich
329 Fawnridge Drive Scotch Plains NJ 07076 Phone: (908) 285-9078 E-mail:rcvetovich@gmail.com Follow Us

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RJC Process Chemistry Consulting, LLC - Raymond Cvetovich, Ph.D, API Synthesis, Process Chemistry and Development

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