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Randy McKinney, DHM
Operations Manager of Challenger Mining Randy McKinney owns Dark Horse, LLC, one of the Management Interest Unit holders and one of the Managers of CHALLENGER MINING, LLC. He is a 35+ year Alaska resident. Mr. McKinney is a fourth generation miner, having started at age three living at a mine that his grandfather managed in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Then up until graduating from high school, he spent many summers working with his grandparents at their placer mine. As an adult Mr. McKinney has accumulated 25+ years of gold placer mining experience, both open pit and dredging in Alaska and Washington. He is the former hands on owner of a very successful contract mining business where his company built roads, Mr. McKinney has designed, built, and operated a very successful large commercial offshore gold dredge at Nome in the Bering Sea. He has owned and co-owned many gold mining properties in Alaska, Washington State and the Republic Of Congo, Africa. He is a graduate of Divers Institute of Technology, certified and highly experienced in all aspects of commercial diving including mixed gas for dives in excess of 200 feet. Dark Horse, LLC, brings Mr. McKinney's vast gold mining and mine management experience and his commercial diving experience to Challenger Mining, LLC, to manage its dredge design and construction, and on-site mining operations.

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Randy McKinney, Operations Manager

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Challenger was formed by Steve Attleson and Randy McKinney in 2012.

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