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Developer - The SeMax Hair Formula

Executive - NuSkin International

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Randy Gleave, the developer of the SeMax Hair Formula, started losing his hair when he was 20 years old and panicked.
In 1975, he started his quest to save his hair by ordering and trying products that had hair growth claims. One of those products was called "New Generation" marketed by a television infomercial in the early 1980's. In 1985, Randy started working with NuSkin International and became an executive with the company. In the summer of 1986, Randy was recruited to help start a new MLM company called "Neways International". Over the years, Randy continued his research in obtaining studies and information on hair restoration products from all over the world. He obtained the complete research and studies from the University of Helsinki Finland. He had his own chemist evaluate the research out of Crinos Laboratory's in Italy. Randy obtained information from the University of Beijing in China on their studies of herbal formulations for hair growth. He also studied Japanese hair restoration products utilizing specialized proteins as well as Australian studies utilizing Tea Tree Oil. Additionally, Randy learned that another factor contributing to hair loss was reported by the Medical department at the University of Miami. In addition, Randy discovered an all-natural ingredient out of Canada which greatly increased blood flow to the root of the hair thereby revitalizing the papilla, vital to healthy hair growth. Over the years Randy became an authority on hair restoration ingredients and formulas. He postulated that if these various products and formulas throughout the world were having success approaching hair loss from different directions using different ingredients, then what would be the outcome of combining all of these proven methods and natural ingredients and developing a Super-Formula attacking hair loss from all directions at the same time? Randy surmised the results would be the most dynamic hair growth product anywhere in the world. Randy put together a team of chemists who studied all of this world wide research with the goal of creating a product that would incorporate all the known effective ingredients into one product and the SeMax 3-Step Hair Formula was created. In the initial testing, the SeMax formula out-performed all other products on the market including Upjohn's Monoxidil (Rogaine) and NuSkin's Nutriol. Men and Women were noticing that in a relatively short time they were seeing new hair growth and that their scalp and hair overall was feeling and looking much healthier. SeMax works to increase hair growth externally and internally with its Pre-treatment Solution and highly specialized Shampoo formula as well as nourishing the hair from within with its proprietary Vitamin/Herb supplement for healthy hair root revitalization. In addition, Randy discovered an all-natural ingredient out of Canada which greatly increased blood flow to the root of the hair thereby revitalizing the papilla, vital to healthy hair growth. To Re-Cap: Randy Gleave has researched baldness cures since 1975. Over the years he gathered data from all over the world including Universities such as: Randy researched hair growth formulations from pharmaceutical companies from Italy, Canada and the United States. He also researched hair restoration studies out of Japan and Australia. Randy discovered that every place mentioned above achieved some success in stopping and/or reversing hair loss, but they were all using different methods. For instance: Randy Gleave was an Executive for NuSkin International and later he helped found Neways International. Both of these companies had their own hair restoration products which sold tens of millions of dollars through multi-level-marking and private labeling. Randy left those companies and organized a team of chemists who evaluated the years of worldwide research Randy had gathered on hair restoration. Randy correctly concluded that if some hair growth could be achieved by using any one of these many ingredients, then it would stand to reason that by incorporating all the best science into one formula the results would be superior and dramatic.

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Randy Gleave
SeMax International 914 South State St. Orem, Utah 84097 (801) 368 6800

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