Randall Edgell

Randall C. Edgell

Associate Professor at Saint Louis University

One Grand Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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(314) 977-2500

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Interventional Neurologist  - St. Louis University Hospital

Director  - Souers Stroke Institute


M.D.  - 

medical degree  - Baylor College of Medicine

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Randall C. Edgell, MD, FSVIN
Director, Souers Stroke Institute Director, Neurointerventional Services Randall Edgell Saint Louis University

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"As soon as blood flow is halted by a clot, the brain tissue that is supplied by that blood starts to melt away," said Randall Edgell, MD, a SLUCare interventional neurologist at Saint Louis University Hospital, and one of the neurospecialists serving the MidAmerica Stroke Network.
"This is a transformative moment in how we treat stroke," said Dr. Edgell. "Using a wire mesh cylinder that allows us to access the brain arteries and the blood clot, we can retrieve the entire clot along with any surrounding fragments, restoring blood flow to brain much more quickly." The retrievable stent has been used at SLU Hospital for several years. This latest clinical research just confirms what neurospecialists like Dr. Edgell have known all along: the retrievable stent is a game-changer that's impacting outcomes. For patients who miss the three- hour window for treatment with pharmaceutical treatment, such as tissue plasminogen activator, (tPA) or for those patients with large vessel occlusion for which tPA has very limited efficacy, additional therapy such as stent thrombectomy with the retrievable stent may be the only treatment option. "The key with any stroke treatment - stent and tPA - is for patients to recognize stroke symptoms. Most of the time, when we are not able to offer either treatment, it's because patients waited too long to seek medical treatment," said Dr. Edgell. "Hopefully, the advances we're seeing in stroke treatment will also serve as a reminder to the public to be more aware and take action at the first sign of a stroke. More information on stroke symptoms and treatment options is available at www. midamericastrokenetwork.com. Randall Edgell MD Randall Edgell, MD, Saint Louis University Hospital Departments of Surgery and Neurology SLUCare physician Dr. Randall Edgell is an interventional neurologist at Saint Louis University Hospital and an Associate Professor of Interventional and Vascular Neurology, Departments of Surgery and Neurology, at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

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Randall Edgell, MD, of St. Louis University, commented that it's important to look into additional therapies for these high-risk patients.
"Now that high-risk groups of patients with maximally treated ischemic stroke in the setting of intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis have been identified, new medical and/or endovascular treatments will be needed to further reduce risk," said Edgell, who was not involved in the study. Since the SAMMPRIS trial was completed, endovascular devices have advanced significantly, he said. "Drug-eluting balloons, more easily deliverable stents, and even bio-absorbable stents hold the promise of further bending the risk curve away from recurrent stroke and should be studied in clinical trials," Edgell told MedPage Today.

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