Ralph Carver

Ralph B. Carver

Owner at Transport Properties Trust

Transport Properties Trust

General Information


President, Treasurer and Director  - Den-Lea Rental , Inc.

Operator of Transport Properties Trust  - Den-Lea Rental , Inc.

Abington Bancorp , Inc.

Recent News  

The Board has nominated Bruce G. Atwood , Ralph B. Carver , Jr. , Joel S. Geller and Laura J. Sen as Directors for a three-year term.Ralph B. Carver , Jr.* *Joel S. Geller Rodney D. Henrikson A. Stanley Littlefield James P. McDonough Gordon N. Sanderson1982 1973 1985 1990 19852001 2003 2003 2002 2002------------ * Includes service as a trustee of the Bank prior to its conversion from mutual to stock form in 1986 ( the Conversion ) and as director of the Bank from the date of the Conversion to the establishment of ABINGTON BANCORP INC as the holding company of the Bank on January 31 , 1997.RALPH B. CARVER , JR. has been retired since 2000.Prior to that time , he was operator since 1964 and owner since 1987 of Transport Properties Trust and President , Treasurer and a director of Den-Lea Rental , Inc. , a truck leasing company , from 1979 until 1999.

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