Rafael Gonzales

last updated 5/8/2018

Rafael Gonzales

Professional Landscaper at Boulder Valley School District

3995 Aurora Ave, Boulder, Colorado, United States
HQ Phone:
(720) 561-6500

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master's degree - Horticulture , Bath University

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Business Profiles : Boulder Real Estate

Rafael Gonzales is an expert in his field assisting many Boulder real estate owners, with a passion that comes from a life-long appreciation of nature.
His dedication to fulfilling the needs of his clients, and sharing in their joy is incomparable. Please enjoy this profile of Rafael Gonzales, professional Landscaper. With his staff at RBM, Rafael helps each of his clients get the precise results they want. One of the ways he makes sure to enhance the natural landscape is to utilize only those plants that are approved by the Horticulture society of Colorado. I can see where this makes good sense. It also fits well with Rafael's background. That's because Rafael isn't just some guy who picked up a shovel and decided one day he could do landscaping. He has a master's degree in Horticulture from Bath University in England. Rafael grew up spending numerous hours with his father on the family ranch in Mexico. While his siblings weren't especially hip to the idea of hanging out on the ranch (perhaps they thought they'd be put to work?), Rafael cherished spending time outdoors. He loved his time spent with nature, and this led him to discover Bath England. Bath is a world renowned center of influence for gardening and horticulture which made it a logical choice for his next step towards a career that connected him with his love of nature. Rafael does many types of work; landscape, hardscape, waterscape and xeriscape. He's completed over 200 landscape solutions for people in the Boulder area. His business is also very comprehensive. He can help you with an entire landscape solution for your whole property, or simply provide a regular lawn cutting service. He recently installed an irrigation system in the Superior area, and he's done numerous patios, driveways and walkways... he's even been called in to 'fix' what others have done to help clients realize their true dreams for their outdoor living experience. I want you to know about Rafael for another reason. Many times when I'm helping people find the right new home to buy, they are discouraged by the lack of landscape design, or in many cases, the lack of any landscape at all, when they are looking at houses. I encourage you to consider that just like paint and carpet, landscape can be replaced or improved. You'll get the results you want if you consult with a professional when improving anything at your home. Landscape and hardscape are easy to fix if you choose the right person. Call, Text or email me, for a personal introduction to an outstanding professional landscaper: Rafael Gonzales.

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