Raelene Sprague

Raelene Sprague

Partner at Emprie Realty Associates

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Broker Associate  - Pacific Union Inc


Partner and Broker Associate  - Empire Realty Associates Inc

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Courtesy of Raelene Sprague, Empire Realty Associates, Inc.
1306 Cedarwood Loop, San Ramon, CA 94582

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Courtesy of Raelene Sprague, Empire Realty Associates, Inc.
3016 Montevideo Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583

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Raelene Sprague | Partner & Broker Associate
Raelene Sprague is a founding partner of Empire Realty. Her philosophy is simple...... Success is never an accident. She is a 7th generation Californian and relishes in the history of our beautiful state and incredible country. She was born in Long Beach and began her travels as a Navy Brat, from Washington D.C. to Japan and many places in between. Having a father in the Military, being around professional athletes and watching both her son and daughter-in-law win Gold Medals in the Olympics she has learned what it takes to succeed.

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