R.E. Dietz

R.E. Dietz

President at R.E. Dietz Company Limited

Hong Kong, Central and Western, China

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(Son In-Law of R.E. Dietz)(Children of R.E. Dietz II)R.E. Dietz is the first factory to use steam power to cut and drawa lantern bottom or oil pot from a sheet of tin R.E. Dietz publishes it's first illustrated lantern cataloguewith 38 pages and soft cover. R.E. Dietz introduces the "Racket" and the "Baby" brass lanterns, the4 1/2" "Baby" lantern being the smallest ever sold by Dietz Steam Gauge & Lantern Co. of Rochester, New York. (Formerly the Buffalo Steam Gauge & Lantern Co.) An agreement is also reached that allows Dietz to sell lanterns in the western states. R.E. Dietz in conjunction with the S.G.&L.R.E. Dietz opens a Western Sales Office at 25 Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois, headed by John Edwin Dietz, (son of R.E. Dietz) and Warren McArthur, formerly representing Dennis & Wheeler. Globes marked "DIETZ" introduced Charles L. Betts, (Lewis F. Betts brother,) joins R.E. Dietz, and is eventually granted over 35 patents for lantern improvements issued between June 7, 1887 and July 22, 1913, including several methods of manufacturing. R.E. Dietz incorporates in New York State as the R.E. Dietz Company with a paid capital of $100,000 owned by:The book "A Leaf From The Past" is compliled from the diaries of R.E. Dietz by his eldest son, Frederick, and published, 198 pages and hard coverR.E. Dietz 2d, Vice President (Only grandson of R.E. Dietz)R.E. Dietz 2d, Vice President (Only grandson of R.E. Dietz)Frederick W. Van Duyn, Secretary (Nephew of R.E. Dietz)The only short globe, cold blast, fire department lantern made by Dietz is introduced, the No. 2 Wizard New Fire Department Lantern.Illustrated Catalogue No. 49 is issued with 139 pages and soft coverR.E. Dietz 2d, Vice PresidentR.E. Dietz II becomes the fourth President of the R.E. Dietz Company R.E. Dietz II resigns, and his son, Gerry J. Dietz becomes President and Chairman of the Board of the R.E. Dietz Company

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R.E. Dietz and SG&L Patents
Embury and Defiance Patents C.T. Ham Mfg. Co. Patents DIETZ CEASED STAMPING PATENT DATES AND PRODUCTION CODES INTO THEIR LANTERNS IN 1956. R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz Hot Blast Lantern Construction (Dietz) R.E. Dietz R.E. Dietz

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