Poonam Yadav

Poonam Yadav

Executive Vice President at leader-Asia Pacific

leader-Asia Pacific

General Information


Executive Vice President  - DHR International Inc

Senior Executive Search Consultant  - Gilbert Tweed Associates Inc.

Consultant  - DH International Pty Limited

Consultant  - Elevate Partners

Manager, Emerging Businesses Vertical  - Gilbert Tweed Associates Inc.

Managing Director  - Bombay Company Incorporated


Sanskrit Pathshala Kanya Inter College

Master’s degree  - international business , School of Economics

master's degree  - international business , School of Economics


Company Secretary  - Mumbai 400

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Poonam Yadav, executive vice president, industrial practice leader-Asia Pacific at DHR International, which specializes in cross-border recruitments at the top management level, notes: "From the perspective of the foreign management, India is a black hole.

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Poonam is the role model for all the girls who wants to come up in life..
ID - Poonam was worrying about the votes if she was getting sympathy votes.. but I told her that I saw your talent when I selected you from the 5000 people.. Sumedha cann't sing single song what Poonam have sung so far with such a high pitch..mind blowing - Poonam. Poonam never get any focus on the stage. I am devastated by what HR & BL did today! poor Poonam ,the best singer in this show was rediculed & humiliated so badly today & no one cared anything about her feelings! though Shekhar & ismail tried to make a lame attempt to save her. My wishes are for Poonam or Amanat to win this circus. If not Jai "Baal" Himesh. In the wedding special, it was a really sad day for the most versatile of all the contestants, Poonam, that her mentor made her sing one of the most obscure song, a song which only a few people might have heard. Thus almost ending her chances to progress to the next round. It is another case of favoritism and bias shown by a mentor against the protege, Ismail Darbar favoring Amanat over Poonam. So please, please, don't let this deserving singer, Poonam, from getting eliminated, do vote for your favorite, but atleast give one vote to Poonam for every five you do for your favorites. She has been the most consistent of all the performers, and has sung songs of Jaspinder Narula, Sunidhi Chauhan, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, with great elan, and did full justice to them. Besides, all of you also know her background. She derserve our help, and our votes. Please also remember that she is the only participant who has not been signed by any of the music directors, while most have. So please in the name of music, while keeping in mind the awesome rendering of "Hungama ho gaya" Baras Ja" "Ni main samajh gayi" "Dil to pagal hai" "Der na ho jaye" "Sabki Baratein" "Tare hain barati," avoid elimination of Poonam, come what may. [ Reply] At 2007.09.16 07:10, Just Some lines said: Its all planned friends. The guys like Mussarat and Poonam who are grown up from the ground have no respect. Mentors just spoiling their carriers. Poonam who is constantly singing superb but again and again they specially cheap HR brings her mother's story why? She don't need that she is capable of standing alone she don't need sympathy if singing is the competition. Ismail-D watch out for Poonam who's gona be HRs next target since all the gharanas now have one contestant left in the top-5. And on the very serious note the selection of judges/ mentors should be made very careful in the future "Challenges" of SaReGaMaPa. 2. The only 'somewhat' genuine judges seem to be V&S who are trying their best to stay out of all sorts of nonsense (the constant love triangles being CREATED by HR, the constant emotional baggage they attach to Poonam (how about judging her for her talent which she has plenty of and can hold her own and does NOT require people's sympathy)) If I were to record a song, for me Poonam can sing at every level whether for high pitch, low or mids, Musarrat can be recorded for high pitch/long range, but he has the capacity to modulate his voice for other levels too, provided he does restrict himself to just NFAK genre. In Poonam you have a combination of Lata Mangeshkar (Dil to Pagal Hai and Vande Maatram), Asha Bhosle (Hungama ho gaya, Khallas, Shubbu Shubbu), Sunidhi Chauhan (Baras Ja) and Jaspinder Narula (Pyar to hona hi tha). Poonam is awesome,spectacular and has all what it takes to sing any type of song. I would be happy to see Poonam or Amaanat win the contest. Bappi Joined him...by giving 9 by commenting stupidly that SUR was not right for Poonam. Sumedha using her charm to sideline Poonam. Contrary to what you all people are talking about...Check the Poll results on this website which shows Poonam has only 13% of the votes for the most favourite singer. Poonam Yadav

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Poonam Yadav
POONAM YADAV Online Booking Agency | Artistebooking.com Poonam Yadav Poonam Yadav Poonam Yadav Poonam Yadav was a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 who hails from Machli Mohalla near Sadar Bazar in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is really a big achievement for Poonam to fight out all odds and make it till here. Poonam comes from an underprivileged family living with her mother, who brought her up. Her father died while her mother was in the second month of her pregnancy. Poonam described her emotional encounters with life during her upbringing and her struggles and has attributed those to her standard of becoming tough and compromising with life. At the age of 26, Yadav left her home and came to Mumbai to participate in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.

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