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Owner and Vinter  - Four Boys Vineyard and Winery

Family and Individual Therapy Clinic  - Bnei Brak


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doctorate in social work  - Bar Ilan University

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Ten Comandments from Adams county to Israel

Pinchas (Phil) Gerber, a former resident of New Jersey who has lived in Israel for the last 18 years, read a story in the Jerusalem Post about the court's decision and expressed surprise.
'I said to myself, 'How could this possibly be?' Gerber said in a press release. 'America is a very religious nation. Even though there is separation of church and state, I was surprised that there was such a strong negative reaction towards the Ten Commandments, which -- to me -- represent the basic foundations and values of America.' Gerber, deputy director of the social work department of the Shomron Regional Council, decided to take action to preserve something he perceived was being threatened. 'If the Ten Commandments are not welcome in America, then let them come to Israel, to the area that they originally came from,' said Gerber. Gerber, who also serves as director of the Shomron Development Fund, requested one of the newly removed monuments to be transported to Israel, where he would place it in Barkan, the Shomron Regional Council's seat of government. The Rev. Ken Johnson, pastor of Seaman United Methodist Church and a spokesman for Adams County for the Ten Commandments, said Gerber was able to locate him through Dennis Sizemore, principal of West Union High School. Johnson soon afterward received a letter from Gerber stating his request.'It was hard to believe the story made it all the way to Israel,' said Johnson. Though Johnson was willing to accommodate Gerber's wish, he said the monuments had been placed in storage and planned to stay in Adams County in case AC/OVS won its appeal, overturning the court's original decision. 'We didn't want to give them away because we hoped they would be restored,' said Johnson. Gerber and Johnson reached a compromise that satisfied both; a new replica monument of the Ten Commandments would be produced and sent to Israel for display. Gerber believes the historical and biblical significance of the Ten Commandments unites Americans and Israelis. 'In today's world, and especially with all the differences we have in the Middle East, moving towards a mutual understanding with people is so important,' said Gerber, who through his job, has comforted injured victims and survivors of those killed by terrorists. Johnson understood Gerber's reason for wanting the monument, and both appear to think similarly about approaching a 'mutual understanding,' as Gerber put it. 'What's exciting to us is the gospel started being preached in Israel before it came to the United States, and now we're sending a token back to Israel,' said Johnson. Johnson and Gerber have maintained regular interaction through e-mail, and plans have been arranged for each to visit the other's home country. Gerber will visit several cities in the U.S. during January. He and Johnson will participate in a Jan. 8 press conference in Washington, D. C. that will relate the story of Israel's acquisition of a Ten Commandments monument made in Ohio.

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Israel Hasbara Committee

I recently spent some time with Dr. Pinchas Gerber, Ph.D (, who is director of the Shomron Development Fund, which was established to help the families of the Shomron live normal, healthy lives.He spread out the map and pointed to the areas which have now been given over to the Arabs, and it cuts through the very heart of the tiny Jewish state.

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FSGP :: View topic - Ten Commandments Around the Nation

Pinchas Gerber, director of the Shomron (Samaria) Development Fund in the town of Barkan, said he decided to make contact with the group when he saw a small picture in the paper of a bulldozer tearing a Ten Commandments monument out of an Adams County school. Upon the Christian groups arrival in Barkan, Gerber told them, "I looked at it and said, 'I was born in Ohio.This doesn't sit right with me ...Minutes after seeing the item in the paper, Gerber got the high school's telephone number off of the Internet and called the school's principal, who put him in contact with Johnson."That was probably one of the greatest joys that I've ever had in my whole life, is when [Gerber] called ... saying [he'd] like to have one of these monuments that were removed from the schools," said Johnson."The Ten Commandments are not only for the Jewish people but ... are a moral compass for our society," Gerber said at the dedication ceremony.He also linked them to the rest of the Torah, which he said gives the Jewish people the "fortitude" to continue living in the Biblical land of Samaria.

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