Peter Hsiung

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Associate Operations Engineer - National Grid



MSEEPolytechnic University

BSEEPolytechnic University


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Diversity update: Asians surge forward in electrical engineering

Peter Hsiung is an associate ops engineer at National GridPeter HsiungPeter HsiungPeter Hsiung earned his BSEE and MSEE at Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY).When he completed his MS in 2004 he went to work for London-based National Grid as an associate ops engineer in Westborough, MA.You meet customers a lot to talk about what they want," Hsiung says."Sometimes it isn't easy because the customer's requirements can't always be met."In those cases, Hsiung has to find mutually agreeable compromises.His communication skills were put to the test when he relocated from New York City to National Grid's New England HQ.That transition, he says, was as much of a culture shock as the move from Taiwan to New York."The culture in New England is so different it might as well be a foreign country," Hsiung says."I think it took me longer to adapt because, as an engineer, communication skills are always my weakness."When Hsiung was seventeen years old, his parents sent him from his native Taiwan to visit an aunt in New York.He didn't know that they intended him to stay in the U.S. and go to college there."As a Taiwanese teenager you take no part in your future," says Hsiung."At the beginning it was pretty lonely.I didn't speak the language, and American high school students can be very cruel.But you start to pick up the language and culture, and you adapt."The non-engineering side of his job has also inspired Hsiung.He is working toward an MBA as well as a PE license.Both geographically and professionally, Hsiung is in a place he never anticipated.But it's all worked out."After I went through college I was happy," he says.

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