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Chief Executive Officer at Lavish

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About Peter Devereaux

Peter Devereaux is the Chief Executive Officer at Lavish Boutique based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Peter Devereaux Current Workplace

Lavish offers spa gift cards that are redeemable at hundreds of luxury spas and beauty salons across the UK. With over 2 decades in business, we are on hand to help make giving a spa gift card easy and luxurious. Simply pick a value and let us delive...
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May 21 2024
Lavish has added information to its read more company news



May 17 2024
Lavish is seeking a read more company news

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May 16 2024
Lavish has launched a read more company news

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May 12 2024
Lavish has announced it is read more company news

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Peter Devereaux

What company does Peter Devereaux work for?
Peter Devereaux works for Lavish as Chief Executive Officer
What is Peter Devereaux’s role in Lavish?
Peter Devereaux’s role in Lavish is Chief Executive Officer
What is Peter Devereaux’s direct phone number?
Peter Devereaux’s direct phone number is (***) ***-****
What is Peter Devereaux’s work phone number?
Peter Devereaux’s headquarters phone number is +44 2088523497
Which industry does Peter Devereaux work in?
Peter Devereaux works in the industry of Apparel & Accessories Retail, Retail.
Who are Peter Devereaux’s peers at other companies?
Peter Devereaux’s peers at other companies are Viv Kartsounis, Jim Ennis, Tom Franco, Pete Smit, Lavinie Thiruchelvam.
Who are Peter Devereaux’s colleagues?
Some of Peter Devereaux’s colleagues are Nancy Moody.
Who is Peter Devereaux?

Peter Devereaux is the Chief Executive Officer at Lavish Boutique based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.... Read More

Where is Peter Devereaux based?
Peter Devereaux works for Lavish, located at United Kingdom
Who is Lavish’s Chief Executive Officer?
Lavish's Chief Executive Officer is Peter Devereaux
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