Peter Aaron

Owner at Elliott Bay Book Company

1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle, Washington, United States
Elliott Bay Book Company
HQ Phone:
(206) 624-6600
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Last Updated 11/18/2014

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Peter Aaron Elliott Bay Book Company

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SGN - Seattle Gay News - Page 11 - Elliott Bay Book Company holds grand opening - Friday, April 16, 2010 - Volume 38 Issue 16

"The past two years have been a difficult, painful period of exploring and evaluating possibilities in an attempt to determine what would be best - and necessary - to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the store," said Peter Aaron, owner of Elliott Bay.

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Independent Publisher: THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry

The root of Peter Aaron's love for owning a bookstore comes down to handselling a book to a customer.
"I especially love those challenges of someone who is looking to buy a gift for someone and they have absolutely no idea or think they have absolutlely no idea what's the right book for that person," he said. "The whole challenge of trying to get information and trying to spark something that even the person you are talking to doesn't know they know but they know it. The satifisfaction that comes with putting a book in their hands that you just know is going to be loved is the best. There is nothing like that in the world." If you can't make it to the Elliott Bay Book Company to get a personal recommendation from Peter himself, check out his recommendations below: Peter Aaron, owner of The Elliott Bay Book Company, had a long and winding journey road to where he is today. "I arbitrarily picked a date and quit my job. I just walked away without having any idea what I was going to do or where my income was going to come from," Peter revealed. That is when the light bulb went off and he knew the bookselling business was for him. "I just loved it. I loved it from the first day and I realized this is what I had been looking for the last 25 years." This love and dedication was apparent in Peter's voice as I talked to him about Elliott Bay. Day after day, Peter and his fellow booksellers at Elliott Bay are always looking behind as they move ahead, never losing sight of founder Walter Carr's original vision for the store. When I asked Peter what he thought contributed to Elliott Bay being able to celebrate its fortieth birthday in 2013, he boiled it down to four key aspects: There is a certain counter intuitiveness about the business," Peter stated. Part of Peter's leadership mentality is to stick with what he thinks is right for his bookstore, not a different store nearby or across the country. "The answer to that [staying power] is really fierce focus on what makes us work, what customers value in us, what we can do at such a high level that people want and need to support us." This approach is illustrated in Peter's decision not to sell a line of e-readers devices and content at the store. "We can't compete with the best devices. We can't compete with the best service. I have no intention of distracting excellent booksellers to becoming not so great electronic device sales people," Peter stated. He recognizes that he may be in the minority and his viewpoint might be considered controversial to some. "I am not telling you that I know for sure that is the right thing. Time will tell, but to me it made sense because it goes back to stick to what's essential and try to minimize what is not," Peter continued. As Peter stated, it all comes down to "Knowing what works and making it better.

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