Paul Verrell

Paul Adam Verrell

Associate Professor, Sbs at Washington State University

14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave, Vancouver, Washington, United States
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That's what I learned from my friend Paul Verrell, a biologist at Washington State University who studies animal behavior and works with reptiles.
He said not all chameleons change colors. They also don't necessarily use their colors to hide from predators. Because many are green, they often blend in naturally with plants in their environments. Scientists now think changing colors can help chameleons maintain their temperatures or communicate that they're interested in a mate. "The big question is, how can chameleons change their colors so hugely, sometimes in very short periods of time? Verrell said. The Swiss scientists who discovered these structures actually described them as selective mirrors, Verrell said. "I think the answer is we aren't really sure," Verrell adds.

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Their conclusions are based upon research on the social structure of wolves, such as that done by Traci Cipponeri and Paul Verrell of Washington State University at Pullman.

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WSU biology professor Paul Verrell will give a
presentation titled, "Are You Ready for College?"

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