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Paul H. Dean

Owner at Native American Nutritionals

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126 East Washington Avenue, Ava, Missouri, United States
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(417) 683-6945

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Founder  - HealthQuest International Inc

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Impressed with the philosophy of Paul H. Dean (Man Found Standing), founder of Native American Nutritionals, inspired this writing.
Paul tells us that his pivotal introduction to essential oils was in 1990. He witnessed from the horse's mouth, so to speak, the 'miracles' provided by essential oils.

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The owner of Native American Nutritionals, Paul Dean, has been in the oils industry since 1997, being first introduced to essential oils about 30 years ago.
He started his first full-time essential oils business in 1998. (update 12/7/15 - the companies are merging. More information to come.) Mr. Dean contracts with locals in the countries from where he sources the oils, finds a quality farm, sets up a distiller, and extracts the oils. Most oils companies heat their Eucalyptus Globulus to remove that herbier smell, but Mr. Dean thinks that the essential oil left alone is more therapeutic, and so he leaves them as God made them. During the time that I have been talking to Paul Dean, Native American and Rocky Mountain were talking about merging and they are now working together, though not in a completely merged capacity. But, I have to question, since NAN and Paul Dean seem to be totally out of the Public Image of RMO now, if RMO is still upholding all the same values that Daul Dean set for NAN ???

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Paul H. Dean of Native American Nutritionals shared an example of scientific study of energy.  "If you have not already discovered Dr. Masaru Emoto’s wonderful research that involves how energies affect water, you may want to review his research to obtain a better understanding about the Life Force Energy. Simply put, his research was on water crystals and how “negative� and “positive� words would affect those crystals. Words associated to negative energies produced dark, ugly crystals whereas positive energy words produced light beautiful crystals.
He states that "Plants and oils that are treated with love are charged with a greater Life Force Energy and therefore the overall healing properties are greatly enhanced." Dean, Paul H. "Understanding Quality.

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