Patrick Hargest

Patrick S. Hargest

President at Edinboro Hotel

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100 Meadville St, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, United States
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(814) 734-5103

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The building goes way back, says owner Pat Hargest, who has been researching the place he bought four years ago.
The emphasis at Edinboro Hotel Bar has been on "bar" though Hargest added food to the priority list. "We'll always be a nighttime hot spot for the college kids and townspeople. But, lately, we've been focusing more on food," he said. No one's come close," Hargest said. "We had the whole article framed and put it up in the bar," said Hargest. "One of his buddies was getting inducted into the Edinboro Sports Hall of Fame and he reserved the whole backroom for the night," Hargest said. "He still appreciates where he came from," said Hargest. So does he. During high school, Hargest was a janitor at the Edinboro Hotel. In 1990, he became a bartender and, five years later, a manager. He bought into the place he cherishes before buying out former owner Kip Allen. "This is the place I always knew. I had my sights on it," Hargest said. "I knew of the tradition. It's the place everyone talks about, like it's one word. When you say "the Hotel," people from around here know you're talking about the Edinboro Hotel." Hargest will throw a four-year anniversary party Saturday at 10 p.m. Visitors from the Spirit Quest Film Festival (see Page 12) will stop by.

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Pat Hargest
Pat Hargest Earthshine "It's a crazy two days" said Pat Hargest, owner of the Edinboro Hotel Bar. Hargest has worked at the bar in some capacity since his high school days when he attended General McLane. "There's been one Homecoming since I was 16-years-old that I haven't worked," he explained. "I was either cleaning or bartending, or I was the manager or owner. It's my busiest two days of the year by far." "I appreciate everybody that comes and says hi," said Hargest a member of the class of '94. "A lot of people have had a lot of memories in this place. I hear stories over the years of people who are married now and have kids that go to Edinboro, who met in a booth at the Hotel Bar." Like Hokaj, Hargest says he misses the parades coming through town every year. "When the parade left a couple years ago it was a little disappointing for me as an alumni," he said. "We have the bagpipers come in and play the Fighting Scots theme song so that's still a tradition we do," said Hargest.

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