Patrick Ales

Patrick Ales

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Phytosolba Laboratories

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Phytosolba Laboratories

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Doctor of the Pharmaceutical Science Discipline - French National Centre for Scientific Research

Owner - Caron Boutique


Founder - Phyto

Founder -

Founder - Phytologie

Founder - PhytoSpecific

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New Exhibit at Annette Green Museum a Hit!

In 2000 Patrick Ales inaugurated the New York Caron boutique and launched Caron fourth perfume for man "L'Anarchiste".
Patrick Ales passion for plants "When he speaks about plants, his eyes light up. And, he can speak for hours'' resulted into the amazing creation of the New York City Phyto Universe "Green Wall". PHYTOTHERATHRIE was created in 1967. It was the first cosmetic brand to use the PHYTO prefix. However, his work has not always been easy...but that didn't matter! Patrick Ales has incredible drive and passion He believed in his project and was determined to carry it through. PATRICK ALES VISION In 1969, Patrick Ales founded the PHYTOSOLBA Laboratory. He then developed otherbrands and companies that were related to plants, nature and beauty. In 2004, Patrick ALES published his book 'LE TCHÔ - Demain viendra toujours',(published by Cherche Midi) which recounts his origins in 142 'picaresque episodes'. Son of a Spanish Republican cabinetmaker, his family sought refuge in northern France when he was seven years old, where he became a 'tchô' (the local term for a small child). The book tells the eventful story of his life, focussing on his lucky breaks and his misfortunes, and the strange destiny that led him to mix with the rich and famous and to his love affair with plants.

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This is why Phytosolba Laboratories, founded by Patrick Alès, has developed a genuine scientific approach in the exploration of the plant world.

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It was in 1960s when Patrick Ales, a French hairstylist that practiced hairstyling for many years, has noticed how commercial hair products damaged, not only the hair, but the scalp and hair system as well.
By noticing such, he taught of creating gentle, safe yet effective hair products made by plant extract in order to solve hair problems. He then consulted the professionalism of Ms. Fatou Batchily-Plat, who is a Doctor of the Pharmaceutical Science discipline and a graduate of the French National Academy of Pharmacy that served as the Director of the Research and Development of the Phytosolba Laboratories in France.

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