Patrick Aaby

Patrick Aaby

Policy Advisor To Doctor Dennis Embry, President of Paxis at PAXIS Institute

P.O. Box 31205, Tucson, Arizona, United States
HQ Phone:
(520) 299-6770

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Mayo Clinic




Board Member - Washington State PTA

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NASP - Advocacy News - May 2011 - Senate Briefing

Pat Aaby, Ed.D. Policy Advisor, Committee for Children, Seattle, Washington

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Dr. Pat AabyDr. Pat Aaby was, most recently, the director of government affairs for the Channing Bete Company.In this capacity, he worked with federal and state policy makers, advancing research findings related to prevention science.He also served as one of Channing Bete Company's Communities That Care® trainers.Pat has over twenty-six years in public education as a teacher and administrator in Washington State.He has worked with internationally renowned prevention science researchers Dr. J. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard Catalano, from the University of Washington School of Social Work, on assorted prevention science related projects since the mid-1980s.Dr. Aaby has been an advisor on prevention-related issues to the governor, and chief advisor to the lieutenant governor of Washington State.He was elected to the board of directors for the Washington State PTA and served as their state legislative director.In addition, Pat chaired the Washington State Community Mobilization Advisory Board for six years.In this capacity, he worked with local community coalitions to assess student, family, and community needs as well as to assess the effectiveness of the coalitions themselves.Following this process, he then worked with these coalitions as a negotiator and/or facilitator to integrate and align school and community resources to more effectively reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors associated with substance abuse, youth violence, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, and school dropout.

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In June, Pomona formally began the process by hiring Pat Aaby, an expert in the problems of high-risk youth who works with Massachusetts-based Channing Bete Co., and Sherry Wong, of Seattle-based Wong and Associates. Aaby has met with city council members and school district officials to gather input and collect data for the work ahead.Although the process is still in the early stages, Aaby said he has found supportive leaders and is gaining insight into the history and issues facing the community and learning which ones will need special attention.Aaby also said drawing widespread community participation is important in the process in order for people take ownership of the final product and give their long-term support.When the process is complete, Pomona will have a youth master plan and an operational plan that will address youth, families and the environment around them, Aaby said."It'll move beyond words on a page," he said.

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