Pat Rutherford

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Private Investigator  - Adoption Agency

Owner  - Worldwide Tracers Inc

President  - Worldwide Tracers Inc

Private Investigator  - Worldwide Tracers Inc


Founder  - Adoption Search Bureau

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14. Adoption Private Investigator Pat Rutherford

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It wasn't until we petitioned the court and Pat Rutherford founder of Worldwide Tracers and the Adoption Search Bureau was appointed Intermediary that we received the correct spelling of the birth mother's name, which cracked the case wide open.
I had her within four days of receiving the court papers. Ofelia is a very sweet lady who, because of circumstances in her life at the time, was forced to give her baby girl up for adoption. She was a single mom who already had five children and just couldn't afford another mouth to feed. She was unselfish enough to realize this and gave the baby up for adoption to someone who could give her what she couldn't. Pat Rutherford is the intermediary for this case, (Pat has been appointed intermediary by many courts throughout the country). Mark and his birthmother have exchanged some of the most beautiful, touching letters (of course we read them!). Pat Rutherford (Center) and Kirk Rutherford (R) try to convince Jeff Crilley who of the 3 of us is the most photogenic. Pat won Jeff over!

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Pat Rutherford, Kyleen Wright, Kirk Rutherford
Pat Rutherford, left, is owner of Worldwide Tracers, a Mansfield private investigation firm. At least, that's how super sleuth Pat Rutherford describes each snapshot. "I have the only job in the world where I love to get up in the morning and come to work," says the 71-year-old Mansfield private investigate, who lives in Arlington with his wife, Marti. "I hate the weekends because my wife won't let me get to work. I love finding people, love finding someone's mom or dad. It's a fun business." "Look at all those happy faces on those pictures," says Mr. Rutherford while pointing to the photographs posted on the walls in his office. In all, he's got 5,000 of them. "You may forget the names, but you don't forget the circumstances." For the past 18 years, Mr. Rutherford has tracked down long-lost loved ones as a private investigator through his business called Worldwide Tracers, Inc. He founded the venture nearly two decades ago in San Clemente, Calif., but moved to the Arlington-D/FW area three years ago. A clock with a sculpted silhouette of Dick Tracy hangs on one wall. There's a nearby hat rack with 19 different caps, berets and hats. A message near the front door reads: "Real Men Love Jesus. The Worldwide Tracers office on Main Street in Mansfield as colorful as its founder. I jovial man with a white beard and a well-rounded middle, Mr. Rutherford walks with a bouncy air through his downtown Mansfield office. His mission: To solve all cases he is asked to work on. So far, he's solved 14,000 cases "and counting," he adds. This year alone, he's juggling more than 1,000. The people he helps are often hurting and lonely. Whether it's finding a natural parent or searching for a runaway child, thousands of people across the country have turned to Mr. Rutherford to solve their predicaments and ease their pain. "We have a policy: We will not stop until we find who we're after, and boy, do we mean it," says the Texas native, whose eyes twinkle Santa Claus-style. A world of emotions As a private investigator, Mr. Rutherford has been asked to find runaway teens, long-lost sweethearts and abducted children. Adults searching for their natural parents often come to him for help. The adoption search fee: $495. A wife unsure if her husband is cheating can turn to Mr. Rutherford, and - for a fee - he'll get her an answer. Tracking deadbeat dads, looking up long-lost loves and keeping tabs on cheating husbands make up just a portion of his work.

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