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buzz0508 - New England Bridge Conference - ACBL District 25

Steve Earl, Allan Rothenberg, Pat McDevitt, Geof Brod, Rich DeMartino, and Steve Becker.
The South cards are a minimum notrump, but McDevitt gambled that he could do something with his diamonds. McDevitt, faced with a more challenging goal, made an odd-looking duck of the HQ, hoping for a diamond shift. Now Merblum's entry was gone, and McDevitt could make 3NT by ducking the next spade. Law of Total Tricks fans will tell you McDevitt got what he deserved, going -50 when 3D wasn't making. In fact, best defense defeats even DeMartino's 2D despite best declarer play: SQ ducked, SA, HA, S ruff, club before the HK is dislodged. Arvedon thought he was being stolen from (correct), but didn't want to double with such poor majors. With a bit extra, McDevitt manufactured a slam try of 4D over 3S. Perhaps for that reason a 5S bid over 4S, if understood to ask about trump quality, would put the issue in better focus for McDevitt than 4NT did for Brod. Where McDevitt had bid twice, it seemed right to play him for all the oustanding high cards, so Merblum picked up the trumps but not the clubs, for 420. McDevitt ran from 2C and improved the contract considerably. In fact, with both diamonds and spades 3-3, he could have made 4 if he played for control. Understandably, he won the heart lead and played on crossruff lines, ending with 9 tricks for 140. McDevitt led the C4. Pat returned the C5 to the C2 and C8. Perhaps returning the C10 would have been better, but I think Brod should have played McDevitt for both major aces and got this right. The upshot was that McDevitt also ducked the diamond, but Doub didn't take his eight tricks! Pat cashed two diamonds, on which Brod signaled desperately with the C10, and Pat finally got the message. Pat cashed two diamonds, on which Brod signaled desperately with the C10, and Pat finally got the message. Stiefel and McDevitt could expect that East-West were out of gas once East backpedaled with 3S, so they weren't saving when they leaped to 5D. McDevitt ducked to his SJ, drew trumps, and ruffed out the DQ to make 7 for 440. McDevitt led his trump five against 4C. When McDevitt got in with his DA, he drew two trumps with one, and all Doub scored was CA, HAK, three diamonds, and two ruffs. Down 2. Merblum made five when McDevitt led his D10 and the subsequent defense faltered. McDevitt led the D6, ducked to Merblum's D10. All Merblum could do was cash his nine tricks. Doug was going down if both aces were wrong, or if McDevitt had both aces plus three trumps. Interestingly, on this layout, if Geof raised Pat's 3S to 4S, Pat could make it against any defense, because spades are 3-3 and the hand with the SA has only 3 clubs (play it out mentally on three defenses: two rounds of clubs; a low trump lead; and ace and another trump).

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13. Pat McDevitt, Brookline MA 13,501

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