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Horcher Lifting Systems Inc
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Last Updated 10/18/2017

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Director  - Farm Bureau organization


Board Member  - Cook County Farm Bureau

Board Of Trustees Member  - Wheeling.Com

Trustee Chairman  - ACTIVATOR

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Patrick Horcher
Director Patrick Horcher

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Cook County Farm Bureau -Template 2

Pat HorcherCook County Farm Bureau -Template 2Pat Horcher Pat's children, Asher (center) and Patrick (right) spend a lot of "quality" time with Dad at the greenhouse.During slower periods, they work on projects together which combine creativity, learning and fun.Wheeling farmer Pat Horcher encourages his two children to be creative.He often makes cakes from scratch with them, helped them create their own movie so they could understand "movie magic", and worked with his son to construct what has turned out to be an adult-sized rocking horse.These kinds of activities give Horcher an opportunity to teach his children the "how to" of doing things."I like teaching my kids how to make things," Horcher said proudly. Knowing how things work from the inside out, so to speak, has been a part of Horcher's life.The Cook County farmer learned how to grow and market vegetables at a young age by working with his father, Michael, and five brothers in the family business.Horcher has learned the insides of local government by serving as village trustee and has gained a greater understanding of the Farm Bureau organization during his terms as a director on the Cook County Farm Bureau Board.Between his work, family, and involvement with the Village of Wheeling and Farm Bureau, Horcher often finds himself spread thin.Nonetheless, he is more than ready to make time for those things about which he is most passionate."If I see somewhere where I can help, then I'll do it," Horcher said."I'm not into these things for the membership of being in a group.I'm involved in things where I feel I can help."As a youngster growing up on the Horcher family farm, which has been a mainstay in northwest Cook County since the mid 1800s, Horcher quickly learned the value of hard work on the family farm.His family operated a large vegetable farm and, in his teenage years, Horcher was responsible for helping to market the produce at area farmer's markets.The business has since evolved into Horcher's Country Flowers, and Horcher is now head of the greenhouse production and sales.He readily admits that competition is fierce for bedding plant sales, and that is the reason why the Horchers keep their "tray production" minimal."We try to offer things that aren't offered elsewhere," Horcher explained."We try to produce a product that they (larger scale bedding plant sellers) can't." Pat puts the finishing touches on a flower arrangement for a funeral. Horcher's plan is to cater to those seeking an "instant gratification" product.That means using the plants grown in the farm's five greenhouses to preparing pots and hanging baskets of all sizes with a multitude of varieties."We can provide variety and information on plant care," Horcher said.Formal classes were one avenue for Horcher to gain knowledge.He has also learned a great deal through experiences.The Wheeling flower farmer took a greater interest in local government when the family farm was involuntarily annexed into the village of Wheeling.Instead of being a family farm in the eyes of the village, the Horchers soon found themselves as a "business" and were required to follow ordinances and procedures. Being a part of the village's business climate, Horcher wanted to get more involved with what village leaders were discussing.The more village meetings he attended, however, the more frustrated he became with what transpired."I was in a room with these people who were decision makers for the village and I didn't feel the right questions were being asked," Horcher explained.He ran for and was elected village trustee and, ten years later, he continues to get two weekly packets of information that needs to be reviewed prior to the meeting.Horcher's goal includes maintaining a solid commercial business base."We need to be willing to work with businesses who want to come in, or one who wants to expand," Horcher said."The residents make up the community, but it is the businesses which subsidize the services."Pat makes a note on a stack of papers which he is reviewing as a part of his Trustee responsibilities on the Wheeling Village Board. Horcher said the time commitment for the village board business is substantial and he does his part to research issues that are on the agenda.His experiences in local government have provided valuable insight for Horcher as he makes contacts with state and federal legislators with Farm Bureau lobbying efforts."Being involved in local government has helped me understand what these guys (legislators) are up against," Horcher commented.A member of the Farm Bureau Board since 1994, Horcher has been active in legislative issues and was a key voice in convincing other members of the county Farm Bureau board to join the Illinois Farm Bureau's political action arm, Activator."Being a part of Activator opened the door for us to recognize local legislators who have supported agriculture," Horcher said.The Cook County farmer has participated in Farm Bureau's leadership development programs, the Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) and ALOT II.Horcher is more than willing to lobby for Farm Bureau - as long as it is consistent with his personal views."I agree with Farm Bureau's purpose, but I don't always agree with the organization's views on some issues," Horcher said."On those issues where I don't personally agree, I just don't bring them up when I'm lobbying."Horcher believes Farm Bureau primary job is to "defend a farmer's right to farm" and he is a defender of private property rights.He is also a member of Farm Bureau's Marketing Committee, which is charged with raising awareness of Farm Bureau and agriculture in Cook County.In the midst of dealing with issues near to the heart for Horcher, he makes time for his wife, Stacey, and children, Patrick and Asher.He also tries to make time to release the talents of his artistic side.Horcher has carved figures out of soap stone, weaved items, and constructed items from scrap wood and pieces of leather."I mostly do it to relax; to have fun," he said."My main goal is to encourage my kids to be creative," Horcher said."I think it's good because it forces them to think about a subject."Having the experience of looking at things from the inside out has proven to be successful for Horcher and he is willing to put forth the necessary effort to make a difference in areas where he believes he can.The wings of a butterfly are actually part of a headboard for a bed Pat is making for his daughter.Pat holds up a wooden scorpion which he made with the kids.

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Patrick Horcher
Pat Horcher has been a member of the CCFB Board of Directors since the mid-90's and has served as Secretary/Treasurer from 2011 to 2016. He is the Chairman of the Activator Committee. He and his family own Horcher's Country Flowers in Wheeling where they grow annuals, perennials and vegetables in greenhouses and on the family homestead. Pat and his wife, Stacey, have two adult children.

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