Owen Ray

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Commander  - Hall

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Member  - Army National Guard

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"He's very detailed in what he does," said Capt. Owen Ray, Hall's commander in the 278th's Headquarters Troop."There was a situation that occurred that she was not cooperative with her commander," Ray said.Cruze, Ray and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Polly Fly testified about several telephone conversations each had with the victim in which they tried to convince her to return to duty.

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It was from their nephew, Opie to them, Capt. Owen B. Ray II to the U.S. Army.Owen Ray, of Tennessee, is a member of the Army National Guard.He's a banker in his mid-30s with a wife and sons and a nice life.But he's over in Iraq, answering a call to duty.Owen Ray and the thousands of other Guard members in Iraq can be proud.The mission of Owen B. Ray II and other Guardsmen is closer to being finished.Iraqis are heading toward a government of their choosing, and the children of Iraq, while poor today, have a brighter future if democracy can take root.We hope the day is coming soon that Ray and other Guardsmen can return home to America, where the same energy and compassion they have shown in Iraq will be welcome indeed.

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His commander, Capt. Owen Ray, said in trial testimony that he would be glad to have Hall return to duty and join the unit currently deployed to fight the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq."Hall is a dependable Soldier," said Ray under oath.

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