Otto Stefaner

last updated 4/24/2018

Otto Stefaner

Manager Marketing Data at Bosch Limited

28635 Mound Road, Warren, Michigan, United States
Bosch Limited
HQ Phone:
(586) 574-2332

General Information


Manager Marketing Data - Ce Machine & Tool Inc

Senior Product Manager - Consumer Product Information Database


Committee Member - Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association

Recent News  

Bosch Releases New Part Finder App For iPhone And iPad -

It offers both browse and search functions so users can find part information by entering vehicle year, make and model, or simply by entering the Bosch part number if they already know it," said Otto Stefaner, project manager for Bosch.

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Crystal Clear Visibility Is Critical To Driving Safely All Year Around

"While it is always important to be able to see clearly while driving, it is particularly so in bad weather," said Otto Stefaner, Group Product Manager, Wiper Systems for Bosch.
"A worn out blade on either the front or rear windshield can result in severe streaking and can obstruct a driver's vision." It is important to remember that front and rear windshield wipers are both subject to the same damaging effects of temperature extremes, ozone and road chemicals, no matter how frequently - or infrequently - they are used. In fact, infrequent use actually decreases a blade's service life by diminishing the flexibility of the wiping element. "Motorists who have driven in bad weather such as heavy snow, rain or blowing dust, know how quickly these conditions can reduce visibility and compromise safety," said Stefaner. "You can make a noticeable improvement simply by replacing worn out wiper blades with new premium-grade blades designed for all-season performance." Recent research indicates that most drivers tend to put replacement of rear wiper blades fairly low on their list of automotive maintenance items; current perception being that the rear wiper blade is used less frequently and, therefore, can be replaced at much longer intervals than front wipers, without compromising safety - a crucial error in perception, Stefaner emphasized.

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