Oscar Pallarols

Oscar Pallarols

Smart Living Director at Mobile World Capital

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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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mLiving Director - Mobile World Capital Barcelona

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mSport: mobile transformation opportunities in the world of sport - Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Oscar Pallarols, director of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation's Smart Living programme, also participated in the event, addressing "The mobile transformation in sport" and analysing the types of mobile opportunities existing in the sphere of sport.
According to Oscar Pallarols: "It is necessary to analyse what mobile technologies can be applied to the field of sport and identify those opportunities that offer an attractive return on investment."

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Connected cars: the future of the automotive industry - Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Oscar Pallarols, director of MWCB's Smart Living program, stated that "the connected car is already a reality, but it's not advanced enough.
The cars that are being designed today already have this profile, on which work has been in progress for a long time. What citizens probably are familiar with are cars with Internet connections, able to offer vehicle users content via streaming. But the connected car options that one may experience at the Motor Show go far beyond this. The car models soon to be placed on the market will incorporate two types of technology: C2C or "car to car," which will allow two cars to communicate with each other in order to, for example, prevent collisions; and C2I, "car to infrastructure," which, by means of elements on the road network or in smart cities, will offer drivers relevant information on their surroundings, in real time. "The car will be able to anticipate whether there is someone crossing the road at a distance of up to 300 metres, warn the driver if there is an ambulance that needs to pass, or inform him of the need to slow down in the event of an accident on a motorway or road," explains Pallarols.

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