Oliver Towers

Oliver Towers

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation

ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

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double degree  - mathematics and computer science , 

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Oliver Towers . . . bound for Microsoft in Seattle after graduating
Maths helps land Oliver a job with Microsoft Oliver Towers' Year 7 maths teacher predicted that Oliver would be doing the highest level of mathematics in his HSC year. Oliver was stunned by the prediction but it came true as he related his high school experience and later the double degree he has just completed at UOW in a special lecture at Maths Teachers Day being held at the University today (29 June). High school maths teachers from around the region and Diploma of Education students listened intently to Oliver's story as a UOW undergraduate, his work experiences and his plans for the future. Oliver will graduate next month having completed a double degree in mathematics and computer science. And in November he leaves for Seattle in the United States to take up a full time job with Microsoft as a software engineer. He will be working on the SQL Server which is Microsoft's database engine. He will be joined at Microsoft next year by fellow student, Jesse Greenslade. Oliver said that it wasn't until Year 11 at school that he consciously said to himself that he was good at maths and wanted to learn more beyond what high school could show him. As he completed the core subjects for the maths degree, Oliver found that he most enjoyed doing problems involving differential equations. It led to a true appreciation of applied mathematical modelling - an area of study that Oliver continued throughout his time at UOW. It started with population and pollution models and then he embarked on heat transfer, mechanics, financial calculus, solid deformations and industrial models. During his third and fourth years at UOW, Oliver gained a scholarship provided by Tibra Capital which included work experience at the company during the summer periods. While at Tibra, he worked as a software developer and became interested in quantitative analysis, which is the study of mathematical and statistical models that are used in the industry.

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A graduating UOW student, Oliver Towers, soon to start work with Microsoft, is also due to present a special address to the HSC students later today.

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