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Noelle Crombie

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Medical Marijuana for a Child with Leukemia - published: Saturday, November 24, 2012 - by Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian
Mykayla Comstock's family says marijuana helps her fight an especially aggressive form of leukemia, keeps infection at bay and lifts her weary spirit. Twice a day she swallows a potent capsule form of the drug. Some days, when she can't sleep or eat, she snacks on a gingersnap or brownie baked with marijuana-laced butter. Mykayla is one of 2,201 cancer patients authorized by the state of Oregon to use medical marijuana. She is 7. Drug traffickers exploit Oregon medical marijuana program's lax oversight and loose rules By Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian Published: Saturday, September 22, 2012, Home > Health & Fitness News >> Recruiting medical marijuana patients for profit - By Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian; Published: Saturday, September 22, 2012 | Federal agents searching Robert Hisamoto's Lincoln Navigator last year found handwritten pages detailing how productive -- and profitable -- Oregon medical marijuana can be, authorities say. It has been reported by Lori Duckworth that It appears that Jackson County Sherriff's office ... Noelle Crombie did an article on it already: Southern Oregon medical marijuana farmer James Bowman gambles on a crop, loses Noelle Crombie, | September 18, 2012 Every night I think, 'Well, tomorrow might be the day.'" SOURCE -- Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian. Read more >>>

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PAW Weekly Update

Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian

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Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian reported that the Oregon Department of Revenue will be disbursing a weighty sum for a number of important state programs this week - $85 million - [...]

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