Nina Jablonski

Nina G. Jablonski

Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology at Penn State Limited

820 N University Dr Bldg 1 Suite C, University Park, Pennsylvania, United States

General Information


Irvine Chair of Anthropology  - CALACS


A.B.  - Biology , Bryn Mawr College

Ph.D.  - 

Ph.D.  - California Academy of Sciences

Ph.D.  - College of the Liberal Arts

Ph.D.  - Skyline College

Ph.D.  - Anthropology , University of Washington

bachelor's degree  - Biology , Bryn Mawr College

honorary doctorate  - University of Stellenbosch


Member  - American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Elected Fellow, Anthropologist, Paleontologist, University Professor  - Wings WorldQuest Inc

Elected Member  - American Philosophical Society

Co-Founder  - Systematics Discussion Group of Western Australia

Council Member  - The Royal Society of Western Australia Inc

Member of the Advisory Council for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences  - National Science Foundation

Fellow  - Stellenbosch University

Member of the Board On Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Sciences  - NRC-IIT

Elected Fellow  - Society of Biology

Member of the Board On Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Sciences  - University of Nevada , Reno

Elected Fellow  - American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Affiliated Faculty Member of the Department of Anthropology  - University of California at Santa Cruz

Board Member  - Pinhead Institute

Recent News  

Dr. Nina Jablonski
Pennsylvania State University Dr. Jablonski is Evan Pugh University Professor of Anthropology at The Pennsylvania State University. A biological anthropologist and paleobiologist, she studies the evolution of adaptations to the environment in Old World primates including humans. Her paleoanthropological research concerns the evolutionary history of Old World monkeys, and currently includes an active field project in China. Her research on the evolution of human adaptations to the environment centers on the evolution of human skin and skin pigmentation, and includes an active field project examining the relationship between skin pigmentation and vitamin D production.

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"This new mechanism for producing intensely dark pigmentation is really the big story," says Nina Jablonski, an anthropologist at Pennsylvania State University in State College.

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In all, the new study provides "a deeper appreciation of the genetic palette that has been mixed and matched through evolution," said Nina Jablonski, an expert on skin color at Pennsylvania State University.

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